And So It Begins

Opening Day is upon us! In the following clip, I am agent Dale Cooper, and the Giant is a personification of baseball season: is chock full of Opening Day content, including an around-the-minors guide, a special edition of Road Trip, and, of course, the debut edition of Promotion Preview.

But most importantly for this discussion, the start of the season means that this here blog willmilbtee.jpg go into overdrive. I’ll be doing my best to present entertaining and edifying posts on all aspects of the “bizness”, with a special emphasis on promotions. And of course, I need your help.

Get In Touch:

Here are a few of the many reasons to send me an email:

1.) You work for a team, and are in possession of entertaining photos and/or videos from a recently staged promotion.

2). You work for a team, and would like to share info on an upcoming notable event.

3). You are a fan, and would like to share you impressions of a recent Minor League game experience (photos and video always welcome).

4). You are a literary agent, intrigued by my growing mastery of an over-looked yet deeply entertaining niche subject.

I would also like to take the opportunity to mention that Crooked Numbers, my monthly compendium of odd on-field occurrences, will be returning in 2010. For this column to be all it can be, I need broadcasters, media relations directors, and attentive fans to alert me to any weird, wacky, and thoroughly improbable events you may have witnessed.


As always, it is my goal to personally witness as much Minor League Baseball as I possibly can. Sometimes my on-site reports will be officially sanctioned work trips, others will be spontaneous and self-financed. I would truly like to visit your ballpark, and will do my best to accept any all invitations. Again, get in touch.  

I am grateful that this blog has been able to accumulate a loyal following, and that the number of daily visitors continue to increase. Here’s to a great 2010, and in case I didn’t mention it before: Get In Touch!


  1. Greg

    Rock on, Ben! Here’s to hoping you get to visit lots of ballparks this year.

    I’m a fan, and my “Hoppers Fan” blog focuses on my experience with the Greensboro Grasshoppers (Class A SAL Affiliate for the Marlins). I’ll be blogging as often as I can and I’ll try to let you know of anything extra exciting happening in Greensboro.

    So far, the most exciting news I have is that today’s Opening Day game was suspended in the top of the 5th due to rain. They’re going to resume at 5:30 tomorrow and play tomorrow’s scheduled game after about a 30 minute break. As far as promotions go, I think they’re giving away fleeces on Sunday.

    Keep up the great and highly entertaining blog!

  2. Benjamin Hill

    Thanks for the comment and info, Greg. Looking forward to hearing what happens in Greensboro this season…


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