Snowpening Day

Ah, Opening Day. A yearly ritual of re-birth and renewal, as the oppressive shackles of winter are cast aside in favor of the comforting rhythms and sun-drenched atmosphere of the professional baseball ballpark. 

Or not. 
The Timber Rattlers of Wisconsin were forced to postpone their Opening Day festivities due to weather that was most decidedly inclement: 
wisconsin snow 1.jpg
The players were undaunted by the facility’s frosty condition, as they took to the field in order to enjoy their unexpected Winter wonderland:
But perhaps this shot belies their true feelings: 
wisconsin snow 3.jpg
The scoreboard message in the above photo illustrates the positive mindset of the Timber Rattlers staff: “Well, our Opening Day might have been snowed out, but this is going to be one awesome Christmas Card!”
The Rattlers’ indomitable production department even put together a video featuring the player’s snowbound antics:
Wisconsin’s weather woes added an extra layer of ridiculousness to the day’s scheduled giveaway, a “beach bobblehead” featuring Timber Ratters mascot Fang and and Milwaukee Brewers mascot Bernie. Hey, guys, a little under-dressed for the occasion don’t you think?
Regardless, I refuse to let this meteorological malfeasance distract me from the real issue at hand: How is it possible for a snake to have legs? 

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