Canned Meat Artisans Shine Once More

Friday’s Will Ferrell post was linked widely en route to penetrating the national consciousness, meaning that a whole new audience impatiently scanned my writing in search of entertaining pictures and videos.

What a thrill.

Things have finally returned to normal, signifying that I can once again pander to my base of regular readers. And if there’s one thing I know that base enjoys, it’s this:   

Reading -- Spam2010_3.JPG

Spam Carving.

The above masterpiece (and that’s not a word I use lightly) emerged as the winner in the Reading Phillies’ third annual Spam Carving Contest. “Screwball’s Spamtastic Opportunity House” was sculpted by emerging artisans Angie O’Hara and Emily McGranahan, who took home a $250 prize for their efforts.

The sculpture’s title references both the R-Phils primary mascot (Screwball) and the charity that benefited from the Spam carving (Opportunity House). The entry fee was $5 per person, with the top entries displayed on the field later in the evening.

The following pictures dramatically illustrate how exposure to the elements will quickly transform Spam’s appealing pink-tinged luster to a distressingly monochrome shade of brown.

 The Talent and Their Creations

update: Sue, the mastermind behind the blog “Rants, Raves and Random Thoughts”, wrote in to say that the following pic features her and her daughter (center). Read all about it HERE, as part of an excellent blog post that also advocates for DeWayne Wise neck reduction.

Reading -- Spam2010_5.JPG  

Making Concessions

Reading -- Spam2010_4.JPG

Fade to Brown

Reading -- Spam2010_1.jpg

credit for the above three photographs: Jessica Kovalcin

Congratulations to all of those skilled in the art of Spam carving, whether they plied their trade on Saturday or in years past. For the record, my all-time favorite Spam sculpture to emanate from Reading is 2009’s “Demon Dog”.

Thumbnail image for Reading -- Spam -- Demon Dog!.JPG


  1. rrrt

    Well, Ben, my daughter and I are in the middle of that on-field photo, behind our creation, “Spamball”. I’ve posted a close-up of it on my own blog entry. By the way, I would never use the word “appealing” to describe any aspect of Spam, especially the slimy way it feels when you’re trying to hold onto it and shape it into small pieces. Blech!

  2. Benjamin Hill

    Thanks for the heads-up, Sue, and congrats on helping to concoct such an unparalleled work of art.

    I updated the post to include a link to your excellent blog entry.

  3. sacoo

    Hey, a little late, but I just got our own account of the Spam contest up on my blog,
    My wife and I were on the far left, just out of frame of the group shot. A small part of my wife’s red coat can be seen. We did the pumpkin, Twice-Carved Jack. Had a great time. So many fun things going on at that stadium.


    Wow the dark ones look like…. well you know. Never knew spam carving was an art form. Demon dog was pretty cool though. The making concessions made me not want a hot dog, ever 🙂


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