Tat-Two: Dallas Does Stockton; It's Tecmo Than You Can Handle

I was going to forgo doing a blog post today, but my nationwide network of informants will simply not let me rest. Two pictures have recently landed in my inbox that need to be shared immediately, each of which prominently feature tattoos.

The Stockton Ports held a two-day tribute to hometown hero (and team alumnus) Dallas Braden over the weekend, in order to properly honor his recent perfect game accomplishment. Braden took part in a pre-game ceremony on Saturday, during which he proudly lifted his shirt in order to display his undying affinity for Stockton’s area code:

(photo credit: George Steckler/Stockton Ports)

The Ports gave away a commemorative perfect game poster the following afternoon, one which prominently featured “209” despite Braden’s abdomen remaining concealed beneath several layers of restrictive clothing:


A full photo gallery from Braden’s day in Stockton can be viewed HERE, while a video of the pre-game ceremony is HERE

Meanwhile, in Omaha, a fan participating in an on-field contest during a Royals game was discovered to have one of the most deeply ridiculous tattoos of all time:

(photo by O-Royals asst. GM Rob Crain, thanks to Seamus Gallivan for the heads-up)

As it turns out, the gentleman featured above runs an exceedingly detailed website: TecmoBowl vs. RBI. The site’s homepage includes the following slogan, one that quite easily serves as a metaphor for life: We don’t reminisce like others do, we just keep playing!

Meanwhile, it seems likely that more tattoo brilliance will be seen in Omaha this week: Thursday’s promotion is “Jersey Shore Night.”

But all of the above ties into a larger theme, which is that tattoos are very much in vogue within Minor League Baseball at the moment. The Lancaster JetHawks held a Tattoo Night promotion this past weekend, and the Richmond Flying Squirrels follow suit on June 1.

I would close by saying, “Tat’s All, Folks”, but believe it or not I’ve already used that line. 


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