Chairman of the Smorgasbord

smorgas.jpgFor reasons too convoluted to explain, today’s blog post is being crafted from the lobby of a Marriott in Philadelphia. I just paid $12.95 for internet access, but the smooth jazz blaring from the ceiling mounted speakers is complimentary. 

That’s right — I’m paying to blog. For you. It’s been a bit of a come-down no longer being on the road, but still I must dutifully provide the content no matter what the situation. 
And today’s content shall be a delightful Friday afternoon smorgasbord. 
Let’s begin with a video from a team I was lucky enough to recently visit — the Gwinnett Braves. After being hit in the eye by a Reid Gorecki foul ball, a young fan returned to the ballpark in order to reap the spoils of her unfortunate injury. For all involved, this is an excellent example of life’s proverbial lemons being turned into a refreshing glass of lemonade.
Those who make their livings as relief pitchers generally don’t have to worry about doing right by young fans whom they have inadvertently injured. Therefore, they are free to frivolously focus on matters follicle. 
The Drillers’ mult-tasking multi-media department has also just released a new episode of “The Bulled and the Beautiful”. At this point in the saga, answers are far exceeded by questions. 
Of course, the first club to produce a mascot soap opera melodrama was the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and their “As The Bacon Turns” series. Recently, the ‘Pigs gave away a “Chris P. Bacon” bobblehead, the first in a series of interlocking pork racer promotions. Fans are encouraged to collect all three in order to stage their own sprinting meat competitions. 
Lehigh Valley_Chris P.jpg
Staying on the theme of racing-related Lehigh Valley promos, the IronPigs recently took the field whilst sporting “Philly Flyer” jockey jerseys. Behold: 
Lehigh Valley_jockey1.jpg
Lehigh Valley_jockey2.jpg
Might as well stick to this racing theme that has emerged by mentioning that the Lake County Captains staged a NASCAR Weekend promotion that included video game racing simulators, race-used tire giveaways, NASCAR tickets, Jimmie Johnson look-a-like contests and, of course, an on-field tire race. 
But Captains are naturally more home on the water, which led to an overlapping “Nautical Day” promotion. Katie Spotz was the guest of honor, an individual who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean (somebody was going to do it schooner or later). Spotz also brought her history-making boat to Classic Park: 
A final noteworthy item from Lake County is the team’s “Browns Backers” promotion featuring an appearance by Cleveland wide receiver Josh Cribbs. A reminder to all teams out there — tailgate-deprived football fans are almost always up for some off-season congregation. Why not cater to your market’s local booster clubs?
Lake County_Browns Backers1.JPG
Lake County_Browns Backers 3.JPG
That’ll do it for this blogging week. I’m currently scheming my next road trip, but in the meantime please send along potential Biz Blog content. My supplies are running low, and that’s an unacceptable situation for such a promotionally fertile time of year. 
And, finally, I’d like to mention that I am always available for interviews. Recently I’ve been on the radio in Michigan, Tennessee, New York and Vancouver and this has whetted my appetite for more. Why not devote some air time to the glory of Minor League Baseball promotions?
Signing out from the Philadelphia Marriot, $12.95 well-spent.

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