Obscuring To New Heights in Lake Elsinore

The Lake Elsinore Storm held “Obscure Sports Night” last week, a write-up of which can be found HERE.

But no write-up could accurately depict the madness which transpired on this special evening. Madness such as this:

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Fish8.JPG

That’s a Photo of the Year contender if I ever saw one, and I am happy to say that I am in possession of a large cache of fish tossing photos. I will share each and every one of these photos with my flying fish-obsessed public, but first let’s look at some of the other sporting events that were held.

In this game, Thunder the mascot walked like a zombie toward a metallic hula hoop, avoiding crouching team employees all the while. He then engaged in the ceremonial crushing of the one holding the hoops.

That’s my interpretation, anyway:

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Hula.JPG 

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Hula2.JPG

And then there was the time-honored art of whatever this is:

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_pole.JPG

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_pole2.JPG

But I’m a realist, well aware that fish tossing is the main attraction here. Well, if it’s fish tossing you want then it’s fish tossing you’re gonna get.

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Fish.JPG

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Fish2.JPG

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Fish3.JPG

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Fish4.JPG

Thumbnail image for Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Fish6.JPG

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Fish7.JPG

The “Fin”ish Line:

Lake Elsinore_Obscure_Fish9.JPG

I certainly hope that the above treasure trove of photos satiated your airborne fish desires, because that’s all I’ve got.

This will therefore conclude Ben’s Biz Blog post #495, which leads me to ask the following question: Any ideas of how I should commemorate post #500? Usually when I want to celebrate a milestone I just run 5,280 feet while carrying a medium-sized rock, but I don’t think such a symbolic gesture would be appropriate in this case.



  1. txag08

    Hah, I get it. Mile stone.

    500 posts, huh? I have no idea. I would suggest doing something like posting 500 pictures or 500 short blurbs about your favorite promotions… but that might take some time and an awful lot of space.

  2. Benjamin Hill

    At least somebody got it! Usually I get the feeling I’m just amusing myself.

    Yeah, I think a list of 500 of anything would be too labor intensive. Maybe I’ll just write a 500-word post.

    Thanks, as always, for the comment.

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