Big-Headed Politicians

Those who like to bet on horses are accustomed to seeing racing mares, but it took the Tri-City ValleyCats to bring racing mayors to the masses.

Perhaps inspired by the Washington Nationals’ popular Racing Presidents, the ValleyCats have recently initiated a nightly competition between a triumvirate of municipal government leaders. Each racer represents one of the Tri-Cities, naturally: Albany mayor Jerry Jennings, Troy mayor Harry Tutunjian, and Schnectady mayor Brian Stratton. While not on the field, the three are apparently quite friendly with one another:

Racing Mayors 1.jpg 
(The above picture, as well as those to come, were lifted from the excellent blog of ValleyCats’ assistant gm Vic Christopher).

Racing Mayors 2.jpg

The racing mayors have all been endorsed by their real-life counterparts. Here, Jennings and Jennings get to know each other.

But which is which?


Schmoozing has its place, but these guys are all business once the “Tri-City Hall Mayoral Race” begins:

Racing Mayors 3.jpg

This isn’t the first time that the ValleyCats have tied the mayors of the Tri-Cities into their promotional efforts. In 2008, each of the three politicians was honored with his own bobblehead.


And speaking of bobbleheads, allow me to close this post with an exceedingly vertical picture of a fine specimen that is being given away in Round Rock on Wednesday.

rojo bobble.jpg 


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