Slugger vs. Sexagenarian

Well, it happened: On Friday night, 46-year-old memoirist Jose Canseco took on 60-year-old ex-baseball coach Gary Hogan in a pre-game boxing match in Little Rock. 

The bout was staged at Dickey-Stephens Park, home of the Arkansas Travelers. For some background on the fight, click HERE
The fight went the four-round distance, but in the end Hogan emerged on the winning end of a stunning 39-37 decision. The following photos are courtesy of the Travelers — big thanks to director of promotions Jeremy Neisser for sending them along in such a timely fashion. 
In the end, Hogan was the Hero:
Let’s go to the tape: 
Usually I would unleash such material on a Monday, but as detailed in the last post I’m on the road now. The days have lost their meaning.

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