Chooglin’ On Through the Postseason

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for playoff_landing_hdr.jpgIt’s playoff time out here in the MiLB wilderness, and the necessity of cranking out here-today, gone-tomorrow playoff previews and features has led to an unfortunate lull in my blogging output.

But don’t despair. I would never abandon this blog, for it is has become my professional calling card. Without it, I would be alone and forsaken in the dot com universe, with no URL on which to hang my digitally-encoded headpiece.

Thank you to those who have decided to join me here. Since content leads to contentment, I’ll dispense with the chatter and get down to brass tacks.

I barely have anything left from the regular season at this point, but I do have this:

Way back in mid-August, the Lake County Captains staged their first-ever Harry Potter Night. Player headshots were altered accordingly, and Grover the on-field host dressed up as the titular wizard:


Writes Captains director of promotions Jonathan Levey:

Classic Park sections were split up in to actual “Hogwarts” houses and the loudest and most enthusiastic house
(Hufflepuff 101-105) won prizes at the end of the eighth inning.

Contests were held for “Best Dressed Harry Potter Character” and there was a “Harry Potter Trivia Contest” as an On-Field promotion.

Harry Potter movie clips and music played throughout the game and individual Harry Potter headshots were
made for Captains players.

The winner of the aforementioned Trivia Contest received the “Golden Snitch”:


Being ignorant of Potter minutiae, I first assumed that the Golden Snitch was something awarded to particularly helpful police informants. But, as is so often the case, one second of internet research was all it took to upend my faulty assumptions. A “snitch” is a walnut-sized ball used in the game of Quidditch.

I don’t really no how to make a smooth transition from the topic of “walnut-sized balls”, so I won’t. I’ll simply post a particularly entertaining Charlotte Stone Crabs commercial:

The club made a whole series of these videos throughout the season, check them all out HERE.

The Stone Crabs were defeated by the Tampa Yankees in the Florida State League finals. But there are still many teams who are currently in the midst of the postseason, with the front offices of these teams doing the best they can to lure fans to the ballpark. And sometimes, one’s best involves gesturing wildly at passing motorists while dressed as a banana.

Kudos to these intrepid Great Lakes Loons employees:

Loons playoffs.jpg

You drive me crazy, Minor League Baseball season. But I’ll miss you when you’re gone.

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