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tidal.jpgI’m always happier, both in blogging and in life, when there’s something important to focus on. Something big, with a sense of momentum that can carry me right along with it.

But usually it ain’t like that. One simply has to make do with what’s available, imbuing it with enough meaning to make it seem worthwhile.

So welcome to today’s blog post, a full-to-bursting bouillabaisse of imminently worthwhile and meaningful material!

I’ll start with what you surely all came here for: video of anthropomorphic sushi engaged in a high-stakes battle royale amidst a sprawling winter wonderland.

Which of the Vancouver Canadians racing mascots will prevail? Only those who have watched this video know for sure!

But perhaps you prefer your Minor League mascots in cameo, as opposed to vegetable, rolls? If so, then watch on. You might be surprised at who turns up, as he’s a most elusive character. He’s also a vegetable. 

And, of course, hardly a day goes by when there is not a new logo to share. I’m particularly pleased to share this, the official mark of Chattanooga’s Engel Foundation:

EngelLogo (3).png 

As you’ll no doubt recall, this is the group that is seeking to restore the iconic Southern Association facility (which played host to a veritable cavalcade of baseball greats). I wrote an article and blog about the efforts during my trip to Chattanooga last season; read all about it HERE and HERE.

Oh, so it’s more logos you want? Then more logos I have. The three images seen below were designed by the ubiquitous Plan B Branding, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Boise Hawks. Fans can vote for their favorites at the team’s web page, but as of now that image in the middle possesses a formidable lead.

Clearly, the Hawks’ are a talon-ted squad!
Like a recently-robbed scooter store, I’m all out of segues. So let’s just keep moving…

For those who may not have seen it via Facebook, Twitter, or scrolling CNN news story, there is currently a piece on MiLB.com about Marty Dobrow’s book “Knocking On Heaven’s Door.” Check it out HERE, or just look at the cover here:


Finally, it is worth noting that the Baseball Winter Meetings are less than a week away. Therefore, I have two questions for you:

— Will you be there?
— Regardless, what sort of articles/blog posts would most interest you?

Feedback, please. I know you’re out there.



  1. nddicola@gmail.com

    I won’t be heading to the winter meetings, but knowing they are coming up “warms” the heart.

    As for blog posts – i enjoy what you’ve been posting. it is the quietest time of the year for baseball, so you cannot really make lemonade without lemons.

    But I would like to see posts about the fiscal state of MiLB teams and leagues. Perhaps looks into player’s contracts, how they go from MiLB to MLB in relation to the contract/money pieces that fit each team that needs players, etc.

    love the logo postings though! i cannot wait to visit the Asheville Tourists this year!

  2. Benjamin Hill

    Minor League players are paid by Major League clubs, with a pay scale that increases as one moves up the ladder. But the discrepancy between MiLB and MLB is striking. Triple-A players generally earn a standard salary of $2800/month, but each day in the Majors earns a pro-rated cut of the $400,000 minimum salary.

  3. whitestar77@cox.net

    Being a fan of the Padres, with our AAA team (formerly the Portland Beavers) currently relocating, I’d be interested to hear about the relocation process! I mean, the business side of it – who does what, where they keep their office at what point in the process, what they call themselves before they have the new name in place, that sort of thing…

  4. whitestar77@cox.net

    Right. I’ve been following along, and as I’m in S.D. it has been discussed in the local paper and sports talk radio.

    But you were looking for a story… I’m kinda curious about the behind-the-scenes of how a new (or relocated) sports team establishes itself in its new home. Not just a “Hey, we’re moving to…” but… all those little details that go between then and Opening Day. Setting up the office, figuring out a name, setting up (both buying and selling) advertising, introducing the team to the community, etcetera.

  5. donshaf01@hotmail.com

    Hey Ben.. Like your reviews of the newest products at the trade show. I was there and saw some real great stuff. We really liked the Panda Hats and Tiger Hats lots of people were wearing, thought it was a great idea for both promotional and retail. Home Team Hats can design any mascot(custom) and they had many great samples. Surprised ya missed it? They had people lined up at their booth. We will see ya next year in Dallas!!!

    • Benjamin Hill

      The Panda Hat guy was on my “to interview” list and then I got distracted by rumors of a free corn dog in a remote corner of the Trade Show. But, yeah, I’ll be keeping an eye out for the upcoming proliferation of animal-themed headwear throughout the world of professional sports.

      Thanks for the comment, and see you in Dallas.

  6. whitestar77@cox.net

    Seems Tucson may really only be a temporary move, as they had been hinting at all along (and as you mentioned), though it seems the timetable has slipped. Local news reports that the Escondido City Council has made a basic decision (details still to be hammered out) to go ahead with the ballpark project, with a target of doing the construction during 2012 and opening for the 2013 season.

    I hope they’re keeping notes on the “behind-the-scenes of relocation” so they can do it the second time round… and so they can fill us in! I’m curious what all goes into it…

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