Flippin' Out At the Winter Meetings (Pt. 1)

Regular readers of this blog are used to my familiar combination of text and pictures, but today I’m gonna Flip the script.

Utilizing a heretofore unknown amount of technological savvy and perseverance, I am able to bring you a series of Flip Cam interviews from the Winter Meetings in Orlando. Our first subject is a man who I have gone out of my way to champion — stuntman Ted Batchelor. Speaking from his booth at the Trade Show, Ted explained how he hopes Minor League Baseball will play a large role in his fiery 2011 goals.

Moving from fire to guns, I was very pleased to see the latest offering from the self-explanatorily named tshirtguns.com

It’s a stress ball-shooting gatling gun! Mastermind Tim VanderBerghe explains.

And, finally, I feel compelled to spread the word when it comes to Huppo (pronounced Hoop-o). Could it be the Subtle Butt of 2011?

Perhaps Chafe Utley can endorse this product, or maybe they can use the music of Mary Chafin’ Carpenter as a soundtrack to their commercials.

I’ll have more Flip Cam interviews tomorrow, after arriving back within New York City’s comforting embrace. I’ll close with this anonymously submitted picture, featuring a Winter Meetings job seeker crashed out in the Swan lobby. I think we’re all feeling this way:


And now I’m off to the annual Winter Meetings Gala, for all the free food and drink I can handle. For those in the industry, this will be your last chance to tell me how great this blog is. Please, my ego needs fuel for the dark and lonely months ahead.

Thanks for everything, Orlando. Over and out from the Coronado.



  1. coopcy@gmail.com

    Amidst the interesting and unique news and videos that your blog provides Ben I have to say that your sly wit is a joy. Mary Chafin’ Carpenter!

  2. mvaniwaarden@gotyourhuppo.com

    Ben, not sure if you noticed the mannequins at our booth but they have names. There are three and they are Richard Chafey, Pete Burns and Rojo Johnson. Keep up the endorsement suggestions. Mark The Huppo Guy

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