Nouns of Multitude, Video Edition

pride.jpgOne of the more curious aspects of the English language is the number of collective nouns devoted to identifying groups of specific bird and animal species.

You know — a pride of lions, a clan of hyenas, a colony of bats, etc. Unfortunately, however, there is no collective noun that describes a group of YouTube videos that are all embedded within the same blog post.

So I’m going to make one up.

Today’s post, then, features a flapdoodle of videos. Enjoy!

Let’s start with this celebrity-filled promo video recently unveiled by the Iowa Cubs, entitled “The I-Cubs Are My Cubs.” None other than the President of The United States makes an appearance!

Update: I-Cubs director of logistics Scott Sailor explains how the team landed Obama’s less-than-unequivocal endorsement:

We filmed Obama here in 2007 when he was a candidate — the Iowa Caucuses were inicubsmycubs.gif January 2008 — and many of them made stops at the ballpark. Sam Brownback! Chris Dodd!

Obama was the only one we thought to film — and remember, at this time he was a long shot.

We pounced on him in the radio booth after he was on the air for an inning and asked him to say “The I-Cubs Are My Cubs” like everyone else…but he wouldn’t…he’s a Sox fan…but he did compromise and give us the footage we have.

Meanwhile, a fresh triumvirate of mascot-themed videos have been unleashed upon an unsuspecting public.

Moving from Obama to Omaha, it has become apparent that Casey’s offseason life is no longer average. The slugging Storm Chaser was at the Kansas City Royals Fan Fest last weekend in order to take part in the hallowed tradition that is the Mascot Home Run Derby.

Meanwhile, in Akron, Orbit has overcome his malaise and is earnestly preparing himself for next month’s “Tackle the Tower” challenge. 

Finally, the Fort Myers Miracle have released the first installment of what may shape up to be an epic serialized mystery. Sparky the Hamster has gone missing!

And — hey! — it’s Gratuitous Video Friday. Or, in this case, Even More Gratuitous Video Friday. I’ll end this blogging week with my new answer to the eternal question “What would be your at-bat walk-up music?”

We’ll all be back on Monday for the punchline of the joke.

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