Swinging For the Fences

The San Diego Padres recently announced a new partnership with TaylorMade Golf, highlighted by a piece of ballpark signage that is anything but par for the course: an 88-foot R11 replica driver along the right field foul pole.

Those who work within Minor League Baseball won’t be surprised to learn that the driving force behind this innovation is sports business jack-of-all-trades (and Fort Myers Miracle co-owner) Dan Migala who enjoyed a long stint as emcee of the annual Minor League Baseball promotional seminar.

While Migala is currently immersed in the world of MLB, the foul pole is a clear indication that he’s still in touch with the creative spirit of the Minors. So how did the foul pole come into being, Dan?

“We created this specifically for TaylorMade,” he explained via email. “It was really a creative process that just made sense, especially when you focus on the parallel values of the golf driver and the home run: power, distance, drive, etc. I had an a-ha moment that this is the perfect way to market a golf club in a baseball stadium, give them a dominant presence and allow them to authentically be a part of the game. We’re now referring to balls hit down the line as ‘Amen Corner.’”

While such radical foul pole transformation is a first for the Majors, Migala mentioned that his Promotional Seminar days served as an influence.

“There’s been a few iterations of the foul pole but my favorite was one that Darrin Gross (now with the Oakland A’s) did in Lake Elsinore in the late 90s with a local dentist and turned it into a toothbrush.”

But the foul pole revolution has only just begun.

“From a marketing perspective, this makes sense because of the authentic nature of it,” wrote Migala. “You’re establishing new inventory to the park but you’re doing it in a way where you’re enhancing what’s already there versus another sign on the wall. That’s why it’s resonating so well, and I’d imagine will create more versions to come.”

So let’s go Minor League teams! It’s time to take back the title of “most creative foul pole advertising in professional baseball.” If you currently have some ideas to share, or something in the works, then let me know!


And now, a few QUICK HITS before I depart:

Will Ferrell is returning to Texas to host the second annual Will Powered Golf Classic. Can an encore “Rojo Johnson” appearance be far behind?

The Engel Foundation, which is seeking to restore Chattanooga’s Engel Stadium, has a new website. Give it a visit and support the cause.

— This interactive Durham Bulls “Gigapixel Fan Cam” is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. Were YOU there on Opening Day? Prove it!




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