On the Road: Getting the Lay of the Land in Fort Wayne

I spent Tuesday evening in Fort Wayne, taking in a doubleheader between the hometown TinCaps and visiting Dayton Dragons. It was an action-packed and thoroughly exhausting couple of hours, in which the team’s front office took it upon themselves to include me in seemingly every aspect of the game day entertainment.

A detailed recap of just what the evening entailed will appear Friday on MiLB.com, along with video and photographic evidence. And further Fort Wayne blogs and articles are sure to materialize as well.

But, for now, let me just give you the lay of the land. Fort Wayne’s Parkview Field is a most beautiful facility, the centerpiece of a $130 million downtown development project.

See that “Treetops” seating area out there in right field? It’s a group area highly reminiscent of Toledo’s “The Roost”, and features a rotating menu. As in, “rotates every couple of innings.”

The view from up there:

Meanwhile, this was the view to be had from the sixth floor of my palatial Courtyard Marriott digs.

See those curved lines in the lower right hand corner? They light up at night, and lead to the aforementioned Marriott.

But the visiting Dayton Dragons can’t be bothered with such a perilous stair-filled journey. Instead, they ride in style.

More views from throughout the stadium, provided in spectacular Bloggervision:

All hail our new slug overlords (actually a kid's zone climbing area)

Johnny TinCap himself happily undulates in front of the team store, a mammoth emporium featuring a near-Lake Elsinore level of clothing selection.

The scene at the top of the first. You may notice that the TinCaps are wearing Flag Jerseys. It was Flag Day, after all.

Between games, the National Guard held a swearing-in ceremony.

I didn’t hear the TinCaps make any specific claims about the unprecedented size of their scoreboard, but nonetheless this is a big one. In the spirit of unrestrained Minor League hyperbole, I’ll go ahead and call it the biggest videoboard in the history of videoboards.

As I mentioned at the top of this post, there’s a lot more Fort Wayne content to come in the form of Friday’s MiLB.com story as well as additional blogs and articles. But, for now, I leave you with a big ol’ pile of dirt.

Thanks for everything, Fort Wayne. Lake County, you’re next.




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