Aiming High in Lowell

Yesterday’s post featured the Lowell Spinners’ world record flossing attempt. But a new day brings a new Lowell Spinners post, and this one concern’s the first-ever “Human Home Run.”

Between games of a doubleheader, David “The Human Cannonball” Smith Sr.  lived up to his self-fulfilling prophecy of a nickname. He was shot from a cannon (positioned behind second base) and landed in a net set up beyond the right field wall.

Credit for Above Three Photos: John Corneau/Lowell Spinners

He landed here:

This stunt is also worth viewing, of course, and fans of this form of visual entertainment can do so HERE.  I’d like to also point out, apropos of something although I’m not sure what, that David Smith, Sr. is 69 years old! (His son, David “The Bullet” Smith, Jr., was originally scheduled to perform the stunt but had to back out.)

The “Human Home Run” is sure to be a “Promotion of the Year” contender, a stunt on par with last year’s “Man Running the Bases on Fire” in Savannah.

What’s next?


  1. Cudo

    Too bad you weren’t touring Massachusetts that weekend, you could have taken part in that promotion too.

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  4. txag08

    Does it really count as a home run if he wasn’t shot from home? It seems he wouldn’t have traveled far enough if he had been shot from where the batters hit their home runs.

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