A Re-Volt Ink Development in Frederick

In 2010, the Frederick Keys staged “Volt Night” in honor of the acclaimed hometown restaurant owned and operated by celebrity chef Bryan Voltaggio.

Early-arriving fans received Bryan Voltaggio bobbleheads, but the real draw was the food. Voltaggio and his crew took over the concession stands for the evening, creating an improbable ballpark menu highlighted by items such as Dipping Dots Gazpacho (which would make for a great band name) and lamb hot dog with chow chow (which wouldn’t).

Volt Night made it’s return on Tuesday evening, this time as an offseason event celebrating the release of the new Volt Ink cookbook (penned by Bryan and his brother Mike). I posted the menu earlier this week, but since I live in a world free of restrictions here it is again:

I do not have any photos of Old Bay Popcorn, which is just as well since I’d probably make it my desktop background and then salivate over it in a daily display of craven covetousness. But here are a few of the items on offer.

The evening also included a cookbook signing, kickball game, and live music.

“Let us in!” demanded the assembled hordes!

Access granted!

The Voltaggio Bros were busy, of course. They had food to cook, questions to answer, books to sign and mascots to pose with.

Meanwhile, the hoi polloi sampled the concessions, took in some live music, and played (or watched) what had to have been a riveting game of kickball.

While most teams don’t have hometown celebrity chefs ready and willing to collaborate on ballpark promotions, I still think that this basic “Volt Night” concept should be applied to other markets. Reach out to the “top chefs” of your community, and have them put a new spin on ballpark concessions for an evening.

And, of course, if you have photos, videos, and anecdotes from offseason events then please send ’em along. I am not content without content; the content keeps me content because otherwise I must contend with the gaping maw of the offseason, therein which lies an eternal void.

Good thing there are plenty of Minor League team-logo Jack O’ Lantern stencils to focus on. Those things are awesome.




  1. Bruce H. Voge

    Did the team send you the pics? I was in there and saw the people overhead taking shots of us waiting to get in. Not a bad event, but the pics make it look like they played kickball on the regulation field, when really the game was over way out past first base. Cool thing to be a part of, and its nice to get another chance to go to a minor league field, and have some interesting food.

    • BensBiz

      Yeah, I got the pictures through the team. That’s generally the case unless I’m on location, but sometimes I receive pictures from fans as well. Any food items that really stood out for you?

  2. Bruce H. Voge

    Well we tried everything we could get to before it sold out. I would say the standouts were the Sweet Potato chips (who does not love our friend the Yam?), the Pineapple Chile y Lemon (not what I expected), and the pop open (a great version of a hot dog) and the hamburger (nothing odd, just a great burger). The other thing worth noting was the Sundae, which was made with Dippin Dots, and was really interesting, on top of being tasty (plus with all the stadiums I have been to that only serve Dippin Dots, and great nod to where they were).

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