Wahoo’s On First

Well, the moment you’d (presumably) all been waiting for has arrived:

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos, the latest and therefore greatest entrant into the venerable Southern League, now possess a visual component. 

Primary Logo

I must admit that I find it amusing that the Wahoo has a hook in his mouth. Wouldn’t that imply that death is imminent, despite the determined demeanor?

No! According to the press release, this “tenacious” Blue Wahoo is shown “breaking away from a fisherman’s line.” He has lived to scowl another day.

The cap logo features “a Blue Wahoo circling a baseball bat forming the shape of a ‘P’ for Pensacola.”


The logo’s color scheme is described thusly Neon Red, Gulf Coast Royal, Blue Angel Navy, and Tin Roof Tin make up the club’s official colors, celebrating the textures and colors of the Emerald Coast. The Blue Wahoos are the first sports team to adopt Neon Red, a tribute to the neon signs that illuminate Pensacola’s beachfront establishments.

It seems that quite a few people aren’t buying this “neon red” terminology, however, at least if Facebook and Twitter rumblings are to be believed. Why not call it “Pensacola Pink”?

The team says that “many” alternate logos will be unveiled in the coming months, but at the moment the only one available features the aforementioned hook (presumably after it has broken away from the tenacious Blue Wahoo).

The logo was designed by Plan B Branding Brandiose, that recently re-branded branding company. These guys have to have one of the most bizarre-sounding client lists in all of professional sports: Blue Wahoos, Storm Chasers, IronPigs, Flying Tigers, BayBears, etc. Clearly, Minor League Baseball is a world all of its own.

And in related news, the Blue Wahoos now have an official website as well. A visit to the “Bait and Tackle” team store should satiate all of your fish logo-related needs.

The Blue Wahoos weren’t the only Floridian Minor League team to unveil a new logo on Friday. The  Dunedin Blue Jays did as well,  adapting to changes recently made by the parent club.

Everything old is new again (until it becomes old, at which point it becomes new again).


And apologies for the extreme tonal shift, but obviously the big story in the world of baseball today is the stabbing death of Mariners outfielder Greg Halman. I’m currently working on a story that will feature the thoughts and recollections of those who knew him in the Minors. If you have something you’d like to share then please get in touch ASAP.




  1. shane

    yuck! branded in PINK!
    If i lived in P-Cola I would be mad, we PAID them to make our team pink? Ya could have drawn colors from a hat and done better!

    As a Montgomery Biscuits fan, I am thrilled to see a team in our league with a worse name, a worse logo, and even worse team color scheme. I say it will less than three years before they figure out they are being outsold by every other team in baseball, and have to find new “branding”.

    And tbh, branding is overrated by minor league teams, a desperate grasp at a demographic they are told is there by companies that sell “branding”.

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