Better Ladle than Never: Dishing on a Souper Night in Orem

As mentioned last week, one of the tasks in which I am currently engaged is the compilation of 2012 Promo of the Year MiLBY nominees. There will be many to choose from, but only one will join Billy Donovan Night (Fort Myers, 2007), Mascot Showdown (Fresno, 2008), Cave Shrimp ‘What Could’ve Been Night” (Bowling Green, 2009), the Rickwood Classic (Birmingham Barons, 2010) and Dallas Braden bobblebelly (Stockton Ports, 2011) in the “Promo of the Year” pantheon.

As to which promo will emerge triumphant in 2012, your guess remains as good (or better) than mine. But one thing I do know is that the Orem Owlz “No Soup for You Night,” which took place on July 21, will be among the nominees. On this special evening in north-central Utah, cult sitcom celebrity Larry “the Soup Nazi” Thomas visited the home of the Owlz in order to throw out a first pitch, spend an inning on the radio, sign team-logo ladles for fans, and, of course, serve soup to those he deemed deserving. If you’re asking the question, “But why?” then I envy your blissfully unaware state regarding the world of Minor League Baseball promotions. For the answer to this question, always, is “Why not?” Justification is never needed.

Owlz general manager  Brett Crane sent over some pictures from this Seinfeldian endeavor, which he called “the best promotion that we have done in the 12-year history of our franchise.” Now seems as good a time as any to put an end to the tyranny of the written word in this post; let’s get to the pictures! Here’s the man of the hour:

Oodles of Oremites got to the ballpark early, to insure themselves the acquisition of a complimentary soup ladle.

Before interacting with the masses, Mr. Thomas delivered a first pitch into the outstretched mitt of an unknown recipient.

From there on in, the evening was a blur of signing and serving. Whoever brought this to the ballpark was really thinking ahead:

Mr. Thomas signed plenty of ladles as well.

Prior to coming to the ballpark, Thomas had served up some soup at an Orem eatery that, not coincidentally, is one of the Owlz’ sponsors.

Ladle in the evening, he did the same thing at the ballpark.

One individual who was rejected for improper ordering techniques was mascot Hootz. Maybe Thomas would have been more sympathetic had he known that Hootz’s wife is pregnant?

In any case, this promotion was clearly a success for the Owlz and it will be interesting to see if Thomas becomes a recurring figure on the ballpark appearance circuit. If you’re wondering why I chose to dedicate an entire post to this promo, please know that it has nothing to do with the following item I received via post last month.

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  1. Dennis Waters

    My one riveting memory of Brent Brown Ballpark is that it is the only stadium in organized baseball that I have ever visited where I could not get a beer. No beer for you, either!

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