Job Seeker Journal: Chris Miller, 12/4/12


Throughout this year’s Baseball Winter Meetings in Nashville, four attendees of the PBEO Job Fair have agreed to keep a journal chronicling their employment seeking experiences. (Meet them all HERE). In this installment, Chris Miller pounds the pavement, stocks up on freebies, and appreciates the unique humor of Appalachian League general managers.

Chris’ first journal installment can be found HERE.

Tuesday, 12/4/12 — A DAY ON THE MOVE

While Monday was more so a day of waiting, Tuesday was the complete opposite and by the end of the day, I logged a decent amount of mileage on my feet.

My day started like most others with a decent walking commute from a nearby parking lot outside of the hotel—the walk is worth saving the $20, even if it was raining on the way on. I proceeded to the interview postings room, slowly making my way past the MLB Network set to see if I noticed anybody noteworthy (Just like job seeker Clint Belau, who I met with as well as the famous Ben Hill, I also bumped into Mariners Manager Eric Wedge last night while networking at the bar).

After checking the interview schedule, I made my way to investigate the Trade Show a little more before an early afternoon interview I had. After loading up on free stuff galore, I met a couple front office folks for an interview. We searched lobby after lobby for a place to sit down, something that has been a common occurrence to me thus far. All of the interviews I have had up until this point have not actually been in the interviewing room. I have met members of front offices in coffee shops, a lobby next to a live radio broadcast and on a bench next to the river that runs through the Opryland where we were interrupted a couple of times by the person giving the tour.

After a good interview, I made my way back to the job fair area, only to stop and catch up with my former boss Jim Holland, the GM of the Princeton Rays. I’m always happy to see Jim for a handful of reasons: He gave me my first opportunity to work in baseball, he’s one of the most knowledgeable people I know about how to run an organization and he always has a funny story to tell. This time his humor focused on what the definition of what a “mezzanine” was. His take: “Something that’s between two different floors of a building. I always that those were called nails.”

After getting my fill in of laughs, I checked the boards again before I had to walk all the way across the hotel again for an afternoon interview. After searching for a bench for five minutes, I was able to talk to two front office employees for about 30 minutes. The job fair part of the day went very well, and the evening of networking was eventful as well, even though I didn’t bump into any MLB managers. With Wednesday being my last day in Nashville, I anxious to get the chance to talk to people I haven’t as of yet, while also hoping for a chance for more interviews. My time in the city has been great so far and I’m hoping Wednesday will bring a great end to the week.

Check back throughout the week for more from our intrepid Job Seekers. Sorry, I should have been more polite: PLEASE check back throughout the week for more from our intrepid Job Seekers. And, no, I’m not sure why Job Seekers is capitalized either.

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