The Silver Hawks Go Pink

Hey, it’s Opening Day! No fooling!

The time for fooling was Monday, of course, and as usual there were several Minor League teams who attempted to prank their fans. The Lowell Spinners helped to spread a rumor that, due to concerns about the weather, the Boston Red Sox’s home opener was being moved to LeLacheur Park, while the Bowling Green Hot Rods claimed that the team would take a cue from the 1976 Chicago White Sox and begin wearing shorts on the field. But the day’s winner was the Tennessee Smokies, who were able to convince some of their more gullible Facebook fans that they were re-branding themselves as the “Tennessee Browns.” 

Meanwhile, in South Bend, one of the Silver Hawks’ most recent improvements to Coveleski Stadium only sounds like an April Fool’s prank. But this somewhat emasculating visitor’s locker room is gloriously, hilariously real:

Pink_SilverHawks1When I first heard about this bold stadium “improvement,” I thought it might indeed be a joke. But Silver Hawks president Joe Hart confirmed in an email that “as you can see, they certainly are pink. It is the entire locker room, bathrooms, hallways, showers and even pink urinals and sinks.”

Yes — pink potties!

PinkPotty_SilverHawks1“The idea came from our owner, Andrew Berlin,” Hart went on to write. “[It]  just came from wanting to be a little different and give people something fun to talk about. I know the University of Iowa did it years ago to the visiting locker room for football and we had just never heard of it being done for baseball. We figured if we can get people talking about the Silver Hawks across the country than it is a success.”

Oh, this will get people talking all right. My thoughts immediately turned to the visiting teams themselves — I can see many players and coaches thinking this is absolutely hilarious, but won’t there be some who consider this radical redecoration an affront to their dignity?

“We are not too worried,” wrote Hart of potential negative reactions. “I am sure we will hear some comments but it really is something done in fun.  We just wanted to make sure when the visiting teams remembered their time in South Bend.”

Mission accomplished!

And thus concludes the first post of the 2013 season, the sixth in the history of this blog and my ninth whilst in the employ of

Minor League Baseball — it is happening again!


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  2. Cassandra

    Living in South Bend, I was really happy to see the renovation to the Cove but once I heard that they spent money to turn the visiting team area in all princess and pink I feel like its offensive to incoming teams. If they did it just be different and have some fun then why didn’t they decorate the home teams room that same way? I think it shows no respect to opposing teams and associates them with playing “like girls”. Is that really the picture we want to paint to visitors? I don’t think its funny and feel upset the money was put to use like that.

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