On the Road: Moon Pies and Clear Skies in Asheville

Part one of this Asheville Tourists saga included ziplining onto the field from a hill overlooking the stadium, so I suppose you could say that it was a real cliffhanger. Today that cliffhanger concludes in stunning fashion, so long as your definition of “stunning” is more along the lines of “exactly what you would expect.”

Let’s get to it! When we last left off, the skies were clearing and this Saturday evening ballgame was finally ready to begin.

061But as the ballgame was beginning, I was not in the seating area. Instead, I had taken advantage of the delay and met up with one Kelly Noble. Mrs. Noble, a mother of two boys who lives in nearby Hendersonville, had been chosen as the evening’s “designated eater” (for those new to the blog, the “designated eater,” or DE, consumes the ballpark delicacies which my gluten-free diet prohibits).

The team held a Facebook contest prior to my arrival to choose the designated eater, and she earned this honor by responding thusly:

Because I am a mom of 2 teenage boys who love baseball and so I usually end up with the last chip, fry, an empty cup. Plus I work full time and today’s lunch was a bagel I found in the fridge from last week. I would love a fresh hot dog and nachos I don’t have to share!! 

Most of the available seating options were a bit damp after the recent rain storm, so Kelly and I sat on a circular brick wall in the concourse area. Tyler Holt, an intern with Professional Sports Catering (the Tourists’ food and beverage company), soon arrived bearing gifts.


Contained underneath was an order of pork nachos and, in keeping with the Asheville Tourists’ lunar theme, a deep-fried Moon Pie!


My designated eater was all for a dessert-first approach. Ladies and gentlemen, Kelly Noble!


I am always hesitant to take pictures that seem like they were simply meant to embarrass, but Kelly had a great attitude about the whole thing.

“I just want my boys to be able to laugh at me,” she said with a smile, while posing for a series of pictures such as the above. Kelly grew up with brothers and now has sons, and was clearly used to being in the minority, gender wise. I appreciated her great sense of humor and could relate somewhat —  I am the oldest of three boys , and growing up my own mother took a similarly light-hearted and tolerant approach to our relentless competitions and bodily function-based comedic approach.

And you know what? Since this game actually occurred during Mother’s Day weekend I’d like to belatedly wish Kelly, my own mother Elaine Cooper and, well, all moms a belated “Happy Mother’s Day!”

But we were on the subject of Moon Pies.


“I’m trying to think of the best adjective to describe it. Wow…yeah…I don’t know! You’re the writer!” said Kelly, before finding the words. “It was delicious and filling!”

The Moon Pie was part of a smorgasbord that included the pork nachos, a “Wee-Heavyer” ale from Asheville’s French Broad brewing company and a gluten-free option in the form of chips and hummus (!)


But this being Asheville, it wasn’t just any hummus.


I hope you think this is funny, boys.


Speaking of, they soon showed up to check out what was going on.


Kelly’s sons are the two in the middle, 12-year-old Cole and 14-year-old Taylor. The friend on the right was turning his head because he was on a quest for phone numbers from young female fans and one must have been walking by. Even though he was 14 he seemed to think he had a shot with anyone up through age 20 or so. I admired the confidence.

And then, because too much is never enough, more food arrived. Pulled Pork Dog!



“The key is if the BBQ is good, and this is. It’s BBQ central down here,” said Kelly. “This is a great combination of flavors and…I don’t know. You’re the writer!”


Despite Kelly’s best efforts there was quite bit of food left over. “Time to use Mom skills,” she said, and within two minutes the entire smorgasbord had somehow been reduced to a neat stack that was easily taken back to the seats by her and the boys. And with that, Designated Eater #4 of the 2013 season had concluded her duties.

I’ve written about 1900 words over the course of  these two Asheville-based blog posts, and yet still haven’t arrived at a point of time in which actual professional baseball was being played on an actual professional baseball field. Let’s rectify by taking a trip out there.




I loved this general admission seating area located down the first base line, which features plenty of room in which to spread out. Some fans bring their own chairs, and I was told that on hot days sunbathers are a common sight.


McCormick Field is 89 years old, and as such the amenities are sometimes in short supply. This converted office building located down the first base line is the only suite available.


In talking about McCormick, Tourists president Brian DeWine told me that “we’re as landlocked as landlocked can be.”  This concourse photo gives an indication of just how constrained the team is in their operations.


Despite my previous concessions-based coverage, I never showed any pictures of the concession stands themselves. Again with the rectification:



Back in the seating area, I noticed that Mr. Moon’s attention was directed skyward.


He was checking out the rainbow!


Okay, Vine Time! Six seconds of brilliance, guaranteed.

The rainbow.

An observation, perhaps unfounded, that the PA announcer sounded quite a bit like a Simpsons character. 

And, finally, Mr. Moon was out there for more than just rainbow observance purposes. Would it surprise you to know that he can do the moonwalk, and is a great dancer in general?

As night fell, the already picturesque surroundings became even more picturesque. I will illustrate this with pictures.




Action in the home bullpen:


But for an even closer view of the action, try the dugout suites. $30 buys a catered meal from the fried chicken and biscuits juggernaut that is Bojangles (the seating area’s sponsor) and one of the closest views of the action one can find in professional baseball.




While sitting in this area, I made the following Vine. It is, truly, six seconds of brilliance.

 I then retreated to the area behind home plate, in an attempt to document the perfect example of a 90 degree leg kick. I certainly took this picture at the right angle!


That young man on the mound, whoever he was, soon closed out the victory for Asheville. Good game, good game.


And good night from McCormick Field! I’ve been to a lot of ballparks over the last four seasons, but this one was an all-time favorite.





  1. Pedro G.

    Kelly’s reference to “an empty cup” has MiLB fans desperate to know the cup’s origin–which team, what art work, capacity, free refills etc?

  2. Minoring In Baseball

    I really loved McCormick Field, too. We had the dugout suites right next to the Tourists, so we got our Bojangles meals! It was a day game, so a little hot, but still so much fun. I would like to make it there for a night game, as the stadium looks beautiful at night.

  3. possum187

    BOJANGLES!! Told you you’d love this one. It’s as charming as you can find. I just realized I’ve never been to a night game there. I’ve driven the 2 hrs down the mountain home with blistering sunburn, of course. Night game must be scheduled! BOJANGLES!!!

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