One Week Until the Road

My next road trip starts exactly one week from today, and given the imminence of this latest round of wandering I thought that now would be a good time to (once again) post the itinerary:

June 21 and 22: Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

June 23: Beloit Snappers

June 24: travel day (might make it to Midland in time to do some Great Lakes Loons advance scouting)

June 25: Great Lakes Loons

June 26: Lansing Lugnuts

June 27: West Michigan Whitecaps

June 28: South Bend Silver Hawks


More or less

If you live in this area and might be able to make it out to a game while I’m in attendance, then please do! It will be my pleasure to say hello. But even if you’re not ballpark-bound, feel free to get in touch with any recommendations regarding things to do and places to eat around these areas.

And speaking of eating — as with my previous trip, I will have a “designated eater” at each stop who will sample the ballpark cuisine that my gluten-free diet unfortunately prohibits. (A new trend has formed this time around, in that local radio DJs will be performing this task at three of my final four stops).

A designated eater doing his duty -- this could be you!

A designated eater doing his duty — this could be you!

As always, these trips are a work in progress. On my previous trip I wrote an piece and (at least one) blog post from each ballpark I visited, and I expect that to continue. (The MiLB pieces generally focus on one specific topic, while the blogs provide a general overview.)

I began using Vine on the last trip, and that will continue in the form of random ballpark dispatches as well as “Road Trip Hotel Room Reviews” such as these:

Going forward, I plan on utilizing Vine in a greater capacity. Every designated eater will be the subject of a Vine video or two, such as this:

And, finally, I’d like to start getting players involved as well via YOUR requests. If you want me to do a Vine interview with a player at one of the locations in the above itinerary, then email me the player’s name (of course) as well as the ONE question you want me to ask. No guarantees, but I will do my best to accommodate any and all requests.

There are certainly more road trip possibilities and tangents to explore, and over the next week I intend on doing so. Thanks for sticking with me (you are sticking with me, right?) as I improvise my way through yet another season, and please get in touch anytime with suggestions regarding what it is you’d like to see.


  1. horch

    Please stop inserting the vine videos they all play at the same time overlapping sounds and slow down the loading of the page I enjoy reading. Just post the links like you started with. Please and thank you.

    • BensBiz

      Thanks for the feedback. I certainly won’t continue to embed the Vine tweets if they are all playing audio at the same time. But when I visit the blog the speed seems the same, and all of the Vine videos have the volume automatically turned off. I’d be curious to hear if others are having problems with this, and what their preferences are.

  2. Dominic J. Latkovski

    I’m definitely sticking with you! Keep up the great work, bro! 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  3. BeesGal

    Hi Ben,
    I haven’t noticed any slowdowns when I load this page. As mentioned, all the Vine videos play continuously, all at once. The sound for all videos is off until I click on the volume button. With the sound off, it’s not really distracting for me. I especially like the motel/hotel reviews.

  4. Jeff V

    Still taking vine interview requests? Has anyone asked you to ask Zachary Bird of the Great Lakes Loons how intends to fly up the Dodgers ranks as their #11 prospect? How about if Brent Powers of the Beloit Snappers every gets confused with Kenny Powers?

    Have a good trip. Cold ones awaiting if you are local on 7-5.

  5. Tom Crane

    Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Great tailgating. They have dumpsters & porta johns in lot.

    Beloit Snappers old park I liked sitting on LF deck drinking Summer Shandy. The team hotel Rodeway has 3 happy hours one at 5 am. On the way down from Appleton WI we stopped in Cambridge WI to see Matt Kenseth Museum

    Lansing Lugnuts , Great sports bar across the street The Nut House. Bloody Mary bar on Sundays, We toured the state capital walking distance right down the street.

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