Winter Meetings Job-Seeker Journal: Kasey Decker, December 8, 2013

Throughout this year’s Winter Meetings in Orlando, four attendees of the PBEO Job Fair have agreed to keep a journal chronicling their employment-seeking experiences (meet them all HERE). In this installment, Kasey Decker arrives in Orlando older, wiser, and ready to launch the next phase of her career. 

Kasey Decker

I’m not going to lie to you: I had really high expectations for the first day of Winter Meetings. The last time I was in Orlando, I was that bright-eyed job seeker, weeks from my college graduation, and eager to please. I arrived a day early to Orlando so I could get my bearings and be my best self for the “first day of the rest of my life.” I hung on every word each individual speaker gave us and took notes like I was preparing for a final exam. My experience this year has, so far, been the polar opposite.

Being that I’ve now been “financially independent” for the past three years, I had to budget a little more carefully for my trip down here. Knowing that you do more networking in after-hours situations, I decided to save money by flying in early Sunday morning instead of Saturday. I would come to regret the decision to fly out at 6:30 am —  you live, you learn.

Coming into the Business of Baseball seminar having sat through one already was also a new experience. First, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders president Rob Crain was also the host for my last seminar, so I had a hint of what I was in for. I also noticed more this time that every speaker harps on having been “right where you are” which is encouraging but frustrating for someone in my position. I have also been sitting in these seats before; I’ve heard all of the things you have to say; yet here I am in this very same seat again.

It’s not all negative; I realize this all sounds a little jaded. I have had the chance to network at the bar, catch up with colleagues I haven’t seen in a while, and take in the incredible event that is the Baseball Winter Meetings. I’ve even had job seekers ask me for advice once they realize I have been here before.

The advice and information given by Atlanta Braves director of human resources Lara Juras and Pawtucket Red Sox general sales manager Cookie Rojas during the Business of Baseball Seminar stood out the most to me. I realize that I may have a little bias, since Lara has helped me in my career, but she spoke to being self confident but not cocky. It is important to know yourself but also be aware of how others perceive you. Cookie focused on why his job was great and how “businesses that do good, do well.” Minor League Baseball as a whole focuses a lot of resources and energy on giving back to the community, and it reminded me that I’m here for all of the right reasons.

All in all, I would call day one of the Winter Meetings a success. I’ve even added “attending the Business of Baseball Workshop in a speaking capacity” to my 10-year plan. I’m looking forward to what tomorrow has to bring with interviews and more networking!

Kasey will be providing her “veteran” perspective throughout the week, as will her three fellow job-seeking journalers. This serialized saga has just begun!

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