Winter Meetings Job-Seeker Journals: Kasey Decker, December 11, 2013

Throughout this year’s Winter Meetings in Orlando, four attendees of the PBEO Job Fair have agreed to keep a journal chronicling their employment-seeking experiences (meet them all HERE). In this, her fourth installment, Kasey Decker overcomes a sluggish start and stays the course amid continued uncertainty. 

Kasey Decker


So this blog entry is coming to you directly from gate 105 in the Orlando airport. The down time at the gate gives me plenty of time to collect my thoughts from the last day of my job seeking adventure. I’m a little sad that we have reached the end of this journey.

Wednesday got off to a rocky start because I simply could not get my act together. I blame the hotel’s lack of free coffee and continental breakfast. I somehow managed to make it to the workroom before my interview and even had a chance to grab a cup of coffee. I think it’s safe to say that today was a very frustrating day for most of us who didn’t have finals to get back to (looking at you, Meredith!) because there was very little change in the scheduled interviews. I’d take the “hurry up and wait” day over absolutely no change any day.

Around 3:30 we officially learned that there would be no more interviews scheduled, aside from those that were currently posted. Taking that as a sign, we headed back into the Dolphin portion of the hotel for some prime people watching and reminiscing before going our separate ways. Today felt like the very last day of summer camp where everyone exchanges hugs and friendship bracelets, promises to stay in touch, and we all laugh over the ridiculous stories we’re heading home with.

I hate to disappoint anyone hoping to read about how I arrived to find that I had landed the interview for the dream job and rocked that interview – but that just wasn’t the case. I monitored the interview boards, shot off a couple of e-mails, and tried everything in my control to find out the status of this position. I am operating 100% under the cliché “no news is good news.” As long as I haven’t heard that the position has been filled with another candidate, I will continue to work towards it.

I may not be heading back to Atlanta giddy with the promise of a new adventure and my dream job, but I’m not boarding this plane empty-handed either. I made new friends, reconnected with former friends and colleagues, and gained an incredibly detailed understanding of exactly how rental cars work (there are a lot of tricks that you should know about…) I wouldn’t trade my experiences at the PBEO Job Fairs and Winter Meetings for anything. I feel that I should probably stop here before I get too nostalgic and sappy.

And stop here she did. We’ll hear from Kasey one more time, later in the month, with an update on how this has all panned out. In the meantime, on behalf of all who read her journals this week: thank you!

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