On the Road: The Ultimate 2014 Itinerary

This blog post contains the ultimate 2014 Minor League Baseball road trip itinerary — all 159 parks in one season! I have yet to meet anyone foolhardy enough to actually undertake such an endeavor (in this season or otherwise), but, as you shall soon see, it is possible.


Before I divulge this massive, reader-submitted nationwide travel schedule, a little housekeeping:

By the time this post goes live, I will be officially be “On the Road.” Here’s the itinerary of my current trip:

April 28: Albuquerque Isotopes

April 29, 30: El Paso Chihuahuas

May 1: Midland RockHounds

May 2: San Antonio Missions

May 3-4: Travel/writing catch-up/miscellaneous wandering (I had hoped to check out the Mexican League, but no can do).

May 5: Corpus Christi Hooks

May 6: Round Rock Express

Please Note! My plan this time around, coverage wise, is to prioritize MiLB.com articles while on the road and then write the corresponding blog posts upon my return. Therefore, blog posts from this trip will begin appearing at or around May 9 and will run all the way until I embark on trip #2. (All four trip itineraries can be found HERE.)

In the meantime, there should be plenty of Ben’s Biz material to keep you occupied: Road trip articles on MiLB.com, Promo Preview on Tuesday April 30 and Tuesday May 1, and the April edition of Crooked Numbers on May 1 (along with a corresponding blog post). Finally, check out the current edition of Farm’s Almanac, a hyper-linked extravaganza of Minor League road trip highlights and lowlights from 2010-2013.


And now, the main event! At the end of March I received an email from a West Virginia-based reader named Steve Bieniek, who wrote, in part:

Hey Ben;

I’ve been following your blog for a few years now, and I just wanted to say keep up the good work. My favorite pieces are always when you’re on the road. As a result, I’m going to start the task this year of trying to go to all 30 MLB parks at some point in my life. I’d really enjoy going to all the minor league ballparks as well, but that seems like a monumental task. But that got me thinking; would it be possible to visit all the minor league ballparks in one summer?

It took me a couple of tries, but if you look at the attached spreadsheet, I was able to fit in all 159 parks, with many double header days included. The drive time between cities is listed beside each day (For example the drive time between Jupiter and Port St. Lucie is 37 minutes) and the second game of each double header day is marked in [bold]. You would need a massive amount of luck as well in trying to avoid rainouts and just frankly making it to each game on time. Perhaps it would be a good goal to have in 25 years when I’m retired.

Just for fun, I’m going to follow which game I’d hypothetically be at each day as best I can, just to see how the trip would go. I thought you might enjoy seeing this and if you’re in desperate need of road trip ideas, this could be (but probably not) a candidate.

This is, quite simply, an amazing piece of work:

Drive Time Date Location Time Team Opponent
4/3/14 Jupiter, FL 6:35 PM Jupiter Fort Myers
37M 4/4/2014 Port St. Lucie, FL 6:30 PM St. Lucie Palm Beach
1H 7M 4/5/2014 Melbourne, FL 6:35 PM Brevard County Daytona
2H 17M 4/6/2014 Jacksonville, FL 3:05 PM Jacksonville Huntsville
1H 28M 4/7/2014 Daytona, FL 7:05 PM Daytona Brevard County
1H 44M 4/8/2014 Lakeland, FL 6:30 PM Lakeland Brevard County
57M 4/9/2014 Clearwater, FL 1:00 PM Clearwater Tampa
47M 4/9/2014 Bradenton, FL 6:30 PM Bradenton Palm Beach
1H 30M 4/10/2014 Fort Myers, FL 7:05 PM Fort Myers Charlotte
56M 4/11/2014 Port Charlotte, FL 6:30 PM Charlotte Palm Beach
1H 42M 4/12/2014 Dunedin, FL 6:30 PM Dunedin Brevard County
31M 4/13/2014 Tampa, FL 1:00 PM Tampa Daytona
7H 39M 4/14/2014 Rome, GA 7:00 PM Rome Lexington
2H 53M 4/15/2014 Kodak, TN 11:30 AM Tennessee Jackson
3H 34M 4/15/2014 Lawrenceville, GA 6:35 PM Gwinnett Norfolk
2H 9M 4/16/2014 Chattanooga, TN 11:15 AM Chattanooga Jacksonville
5H 51M 4/17/2014 Pensacola, FL 6:30 PM Pensacola Montgomery
1H 3M 4/18/2014 Mobile, AL 7:05 PM Mobile Birmingham
2H 11M 4/19/2014 New Orleans, LA 6:00 PM New Orleans Colorado Springs
4H 31M 4/20/2014 Montgomery, AL 2:05 PM Montgomery Mississippi
1H 20M 4/21/2014 Birmingham, AL 11:30 AM Birmingham Tennessee
1H 28M 4/21/2014 Huntsville, AL 6:30 PM Huntsville Mobile
3H 34M 4/22/2014 Memphis, TN 11:02 AM Memphis Oklahoma City
2H 3M 4/22/2014 North Little Rock, AR 7:10 PM Arkansas Tulsa
3H 31M 4/23/2014 Jackson, TN 12:05 PM Jackson Chattanooga
6H 7M 4/24/2014 Springdale, AR 7:05 PM NW Arkansas Springfield
1H 41M 4/25/2014 Tulsa, OK 7:05 PM Tulsa NW Arkansas
1H 34M 4/26/2014 Oklahoma City, OK 7:05 PM Oklahoma City Nashville
5H 26M 4/27/2014 Round Rock, TX 1:05 PM Round Rock Memphis
3H 24M 4/28/2014 Chorpus Christi, TX 7:10 PM Chorpus Christi Frisco
2H 3M 4/29/2014 San Antonio, TX 7:05 PM San Antonio Frisco
5H 3M 4/30/2014 Odessa, TX 11:00 AM Midland Chorpus Christi
3H 58M 5/1/2014 El Paso, TX 6:35 PM El Paso Fresno
4H 1M 5/2/2014 Albuquerque, NM 7:05 PM Albuquerque Fresno
9H 19M 5/3/2014 Frisco, TX 7:00 PM Frisco Midland
6H 10M 5/4/2014 Pearl, MS 1:00 PM Mississippi Jacksonville
5H 57M 5/5/2014 Nashville, TN 12:05 PM Nashville Iowa
6H 41M 5/6/2014 Springfield, MO 11:10 AM Springfield Tulsa
7H 2M 5/7/2014 Louisville, KY 11:05 AM Lousiville Norfolk
1H 11M 5/7/2014 Lexington, KY 7:05 PM Lexington Asheville
2H 32M 5/8/2014 Charleston, WV 7:05 PM West Virginia Savannah
2H 49M 5/9/2014 Salem, VA 7:05 PM Salem Carolina
2H 44M 5/10/2014 Richmond, VA 6:05 PM Richmond Erie
3H 3M 5/11/2014 Greensboro, NC 4:00 PM Greensboro Lexington
1H 34M 5/12/2014 Hickory, NC 6:00 PM Hickory Augusta
1h 51M 5/13/2014 Greenville, SC TBD Greenville West Virginia
2H 5/14/2014 Kannapolis, NC 7:05 PM Kannapolis Delmarva
4H 13M 5/15/2014 Savannah, GA 7:05 PM Savannah Greenville
1H 57M 5/16/2014 Charleston, SC 7:05 PM Charleston Hickory
1H 50M 5/17/2014 Myrtle Beach, SC 7:05 PM Myrtle Beach Potomac
3H 2M 5/18/2014 Zebulon, NC 2:00 PM Carolina Salem
52M 5/19/2014 Durham, NC 7:05 PM Durham Louisville
3H 21M 5/20/2014 Asheville, NC 11:05 AM Asheville Greenville
2H 8M 5/20/2014 Charlotte, NC 7:05 PM Charlotte Norfolk
7H 14M 5/21/2014 Dayton, OH 7:00 PM Dayton Great Lakes
4H 31M 5/22/2014 Midland, MI 7:05 PM Great Lakes South Bend
4H 33M 5/23/2014 Columbus, OH 7:15 PM Columbus Durham
4H 46M 5/24/2014 Bowling Green, KY 7:05 PM Bowling Green Lake County
5H 49M 5/25/2014 South Bend, IN 4:05 PM South Bend Lansing
2H 33M 5/26/2014 Indianapolis, IN 6:05 PM Indianapolis Buffalo
1H 58M 5/27/2014 Fort Wayne, IN 11:05 AM Fort Wayne Dayton
1H 41M 5/27/2014 Toledo, OH 6:30 PM Toledo Durham
1H 47M 5/28/2014 Lansing, MI 7:05 PM Lansing Great Lakes
1H 3M 5/29/2014 Comstock Park, MI 6:35 PM West Michigan Dayton
5H 4M 5/30/2014 Davenport, IA 7:00 PM Quad Cities Beloit
4H 19M 5/31/2014 Appleton, WI 6:35 PM Wisconsin Quad Cities
2H 21M 6/1/2014 Beloit, WI 2:00 PM Beloit Clinton
3H 8M 6/2/2014 Cedar Rapids, IA 12:05 PM Cedar Rapids Burlington
2H 40M 6/2/2014 Peoria, IL 7:00 PM Peoria Kane County
6/3/2014 Off Day
2H 31M 6/4/2014 Geneva, IL 6:30 PM Kane County Clinton
3H 20M 6/5/2014 Burlington, IA 6:30 PM Burlington Quad Cities
2H 37M 6/6/2014 Des Moines, IA 7:05 PM Iowa Colorado Springs
3H 2M 6/7/2014 Clinton, IA 6:30 PM Clinton Wisconsin
5H 13M 6/8/2014 Omaha, NE 2:05 PM Omaha Oklahoma City
8H 18M 6/9/2014 Colorado Springs, CO 7:05 PM Colorado Springs Las Vegas
6/10/2014 Travel Day
14H 51M 6/11/2014 San Bernardino, CA 7:05 PM Inland Empire Visalia
40M 6/12/2014 Adelento, CA 7:05 PM High Desert Lake Elsinore
1H 3M 6/13/2014 Lancaster, CA 6:30 PM Lancaster Rancho Cucamonga
1H 22M 6/14/2014 Bakersfield, CA 7:45 PM Bakersfield Modesto
1H 35M 6/15/2014 Fresno, CA 5:05 PM Fresno Omaha Storm
2H 35M 6/16/2014 Sacramento, CA 12:05 PM Sacramento Iowa
2H 8M 6/17/2014 Reno, NV 7:05 PM Reno Oklahoma City
6H 54M 6/18/2014 Las Vegas, NV 7:05 PM Las Vegas Nashville
3H 50M 6/19/2014 Lake Elsinore, CA 7:05 PM Lake Elsinore Lancaster
39M 6/20/2014 Ranch Cucamonga, CA 7:05 PM Rancho Cucamonga Inland Empire
3H 24M 6/21/2014 Visalia, CA 6:00 PM Visalia San Jose
2H 32M 6/22/2014 Stockton, CA 2:09 PM Stockton Bakersfield
33M 6/22/2014 Modesto, CA 6:05 PM Modesto High Desert
1H 23M 6/23/2014 San Jose, CA 7:00 PM San Jose Modesto
12H 10M 6/24/2014 Tacoma, WA 6:05 PM Tacoma Oklahoma City
2H 27M 6/25/2014 Hillsboro, OR 1:35 PM Hillsboro Vancouver
54M 6/25/2014 Salem, OR 6:35 PM Salem-Keizer Everett
1H 14M 6/26/2014 Eugene, OR 7:05 PM Eugene Salem-Keizer
4H 55M 6/27/2014 Everett, WA 7:05 PM Everett Spokane
1H 55M 6/28/2014 Vancouver, BC 7:05 PM Vancouver Tri-City
5H 33M 6/29/2014 Pasco, WA 7:15 PM Tri-City Boise
7H 54M 6/30/2014 Great Falls, MT 7:00 PM Great Falls Missoula
1H 28M 7/1/2014 Helena, MT 7:05 PM Helena Great Falls
6H 16M 7/2/2014 Ogden, UT 7:00 PM Ogden Idaho Falls
1H 14M 7/3/2014 Orem, UT 7:05 PM Orem Grand Junction
39M 7/4/2014 Salt Lake City, UT 6:35 PM Salt Lake El Paso
2H 59M 7/5/2014 Idaho Falls, ID 7:15 PM Idaho Falls Ogden
4H 29M 7/6/2014 Missoula, MT 5:05 PM Missoula Great Falls
7/7/2014 Off Day
3H 2M 7/8/2014 Spokane, WA 6:30 PM Spokane Tri-City
6H 39M 7/9/2014 Boise, ID 7:15 PM Boise Hillsboro
9H 33M 7/10/2014 Billings, MT 7:05 PM Billings Idaho Falls
7/11/2014 Travel Day
10H 18M 7/12/2014 Grand Junction, CO 7:05 PM Grand Junction Helena
7/13/2014 Travel Day
7/14/2014 Travel Day
26H 7/15/2014 Augusta, GA 7:00 PM Augusta Kannapolis
4H 59M 7/16/2014 Bluefield, WV 7:05 PM Bluefield Greeneville
21M 7/17/2014 Princeton, WV 7:05 PM Princeton Elizabethton
2H 31M 7/18/2014 Lynchburg, VA 7:05 PM Lyncburg Carolina
1H 57M 7/19/2014 Pulaski, VA 7:00 PM Pulaski Bluefield
1H 53M 7/20/2014 Elizabethton, TN 6:00 PM Elizabethton Burlington
12M 7/21/2014 Johnson City, TN 7:00 PM Johnson City Bristol
27M 7/22/2014 Kingsport, TN 7:00 PM Kingsport Greeneville
2H 53M 7/23/2014 Winston-Salem, NC 12:00 PM Winston-Salem Potomac
1H 14M 7/23/2014 Danville, VA 7:00 PM Danville Burlington
3H 18M 7/24/2014 Norfolk, VA 12:05 PM Norfolk Toledo
2H 23M 7/24/2014 Salisbury, MD 7:05 PM Delmarva Charleston
5H 53M 7/25/2014 Burlington, NC 7:00 PM Burlington Kingsport
3H 12M 7/26/2014 Bristol, TN 7:00 PM Bristol Greeneville
1H 1M 7/27/2014 Greeneville, TN 6:00 PM Greeneville Bristol
6H 8M 7/28/2014 Hagerstown, MD 7:05 PM Hagerstown Greenville
1H 41M 7/29/2014 Aberdeen, MD 7:05 PM Aberdeen Tri-City
1H 49M 7/30/2014 Woodbridge, VA 12:05 PM Potomac Myrtle Beach
2H 25M 7/31/2014 Harrisburg, PA 7:00 PM Harrisburg Akron
1H 49M 8/1/2014 Wilmington, DE 7:05 PM Wilmington Frederick
1h 26M 8/2/2014 Allentown, PA 6:35 PM Lehigh Valley Durham
1h 51M 8/3/2014 Lakewood Township, NJ 5:05 PM Lakewood Asheville
1H 7M 8/4/2014 Staten Island, New York, NY 11:00 AM Staten Island Auburn
21M 8/4/2014 Brooklyn, NY 7:00 PM Brooklyn Connecticut
3H 29M 8/5/2014 Bowie, MD 6:35 PM Bowie Portland
2H 35M 8/6/2014 Trenton, NJ 12:05 PM Trenton Altoona
1H 22M 8/6/2014 Reading, PA 7:05 PM Reading Harrisburg
2H 10M 8/7/2014 Frederick, MD 7:00 PM Frederick Carolina
3H 6M 8/8/2014 Moosic, PA 7:05 PM Scranton/WB Columbus
1H 38M 8/9/2014 Wappingers Falls, NY 7:05 PM Hudson Valley Tri-City
2H 6M 8/10/2014 Norwich, CT 4:05 PM Connecticut State College
1H 40M 8/11/2014 Lowell, MA 7:05 PM Lowell Williamsport
2H 5M 8/12/2014 Manchester, NH 7:05 PM New Hampshire Richmond
1H 34M 8/13/2014 Portland, ME 7:00 PM Portland Akron
3H 51M 8/14/2014 Burlington, VT 7:05 PM Vermont Aberdeen
4H 1M 8/15/2014 Pawtucket, RI 7:05 PM Pawtucket Scranton/WB
1H 44M 8/16/2014 New Britian, CT 7:05 PM New Britian Harrisburg
4H 34M 8/17/2014 Auburn, NY 2:05 PM Auburn State College
1H 5M 8/18/2014 Rochester, NY 7:05 PM Rochester Syracuse
1H 11M 8/19/2014 Buffalo, NY 7:05 PM Buffalo Rochester
4H 25M 8/20/2014 Troy, NY 7:00 PM Tri-City Vermont
4H 21M 8/21/2014 Williamsport, PA 7:05 PM Williamsport Mahoning Valley
2H 16M 8/22/2014 Binghamton, NY 7:05 PM Binghamton Akron
2H 47M 8/23/2014 Batavia, NY 7:05 PM Batavia Mahoning Valley
1H 54M 8/24/2014 Jamestown, NY 4:05 PM Jamestown State College
53M 8/25/2014 Erie, PA 7:05 PM Erie Bowie
3H 19M 8/26/2014 Altoona, PA 7:00 PM Altoona Richmond
42M 8/27/2014 State College, PA 7:05 PM State College Williamsport
4H 8/28/2014 Syracuse, NY 7:00 PM Syracuse Rochester
4H 56M 8/29/2014 Niles, OH 7:05 PM Mahoning Valley Auburn
1H 11M 8/30/2014 Eastlake, OH 7:00 PM Lake County Dayton
46M 8/31/2014 Akron, OH 2:05 PM Akron Erie
9/1/2014 Off Day

So what  do you think? Can this be done, by a mere mortal? Should it be done? Are there other itineraries that would also work? What stretches of the above 2014 itinerary are most appealing to you, and why? If you’ve gone on a Minor League road trip, what were the highlights? What were the lowlights?

Why am I asking so many questions? Sometimes, it’s just better to relax.




  1. Jamey

    Been to a bunch of minor league parks. Saw Strasburg’s 1st start in Altoona(Drew Storen also pitched that game) Saw Bryce Harper bat in Hagerstown(Nice old ballpark, no craziness, just baseball!) Went to Myrtle Beach 2 weeks ago but the game got rained out :-(. Been to Lakewood and Trenton a bunch of times!

  2. Bob

    I would do that trip if I had the money and did not have to work. I also would try to find something for the offdays even if it was seeing the same team again.

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  4. Steven Ericson (@geoSteven)

    My goodness. It has to have taken a LOT of time to figure out these details, and kudos to Steve Bieniek for figuring this all out. I’ve done a handful of minor league road trips, but not sure I would be willing to take on this challenge.

  5. Tom

    Three buddies and I have been doing minor league trips for 15 years and have been to 50 some parks, mostly on the east coast. We are all now over age 60 and while that trip would be fun, I’m pretty sure I would need to be un-married and own a very large travel trailer but willing to give it a go in which case I surely would be un-married!

  6. Tom McDonald

    Be sure to get one of the stamp books for minor leagues. you get them stamped at the ballpark you visit. You also can keep track of the game, pitchers, teams scores and other cool stuff. See you when you get to Erie Pa

  7. Larry Lefebvre

    It would be interesting for Steve to follow these games this year and at the end of the season let you (and us) know how many games were rained out, delayed, etc… that would have caused him to miss some scheduled games. I know we had some rain outs here in FL early in the season.

  8. Gary Olson

    If you can make it up for the West Virginia Power game on May 8th, I’ve got tickets for you.

  9. Jack Rose

    Oh my God this sounds like a dream trip to me. I’m just a high school senior, but I fell in love with the minor leagues thanks to the Lancaster Jethawks. My first time at the Hangar was so great it made me fall in love with all the minor league teams and players. I took two trips last year- to the California vs. Carolina League All Star game (stopping at Bakersfield and Visalia on the way) and to Everett, WA for the Northwest League All Star game, an Aquasox game, Rainiers game, and a Mariners game. I’ve also been to all the Cal League parks except Stockton. If you need an intern or assistant I would love to get into sports writing especially MiLB.

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