For Thanksgiving, a Baseball Miracle

Baseball Miracles is a 501c3 foundation, headed by White Sox scout John Tumminia, that describes itself as follows:

[We are] a team of baseball and softball instructors who join together to teach boys and girls with economic and environmental disadvantages throughout the world. We strive to reach out, especially to youth who have never played the game. At no cost, we provide instruction, gloves, bats, hats, shirts and memories. In reaching these objectives we receive no financial compensation but we do seek and search out sponsorship to get us to our destinations. Our mission is to serve others with joy by having fun, like when seeing a child hit and catch a ball for the first time. 


I’ve written about Baseball Miracles several times in the past, most notably in this 2013 feature story. That piece mentioned Baseball Miracles’ excursions to the Dominican Republic and South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian reservations, and since then the organization has only grown more global in scope. At the end of October, representatives from the organization — including Minor League pitchers Mike McCarthy and Virgil Vazquez — traveled to South Africa and worked with young orphans at the Stinkwater Nursery:


photo: Gerrit Van Rensburg

McCarthy gives a gum-chewing demo:


Photo: Todd Bliss

Vazquez and his pupils:


Tumminia and friend:


Photo: Gerrit Van Rensburg

The bottom line, as I hope the above text and pictures have made clear, is that Baseball Miracles is an organization well worth supporting. Baseball equipment (in general) and gloves (in particular) are needed for the children who participate in these camps, and Tumminia emphasizes that monetary donations are greatly appreciated as well. If interested in donating money or equipment please email him directly at


John Tumminia: founder of Baseball Miracles and member of the Professional Baseball Scouts Hall of Fame

Next up for Baseball Miracles is a 2015 trip to Comayagua, Honduras. On the cusp of Thanksgiving — and the holiday season at large — why not lend a hand to a cause that should appeal to those who work in baseball as well as those who simply love the game?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and mine and everyone. I’ll be back in the office on Monday, ready for a week filled with re-branding unveils and Winter Meeting preparations. And, of course, if you’re going to be in San Diego for the Winter Meetings then let me know. I’ll be happy to make your acquaintance.

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