Winter Meetings Job Seeker Journal: David Lauterbach, December 9


Lauterbach_headshotBy David Lauterbach, special to

Throughout this year’s Winter Meetings in Nashville, four attendees of the PBEO Job Fair have agreed to chronicle their employment-seeking experiences (meet them all HERE.). In this, his fourth and final installment, David Lauterbach proves me wrong, heads back to college and continues to pursue the metaphorical Nomo. 

I got lost three times yesterday, which put my final total at seven. Since I left Nashville to go back to Syracuse last night, this means that Ben’s “Bet the Over” when I guessed 7 was just short. Big win for me.

Losing wager

Losing wager

Anyway, I didn’t get to Hideo Nomo before the National Anthem, but that’s okay. I didn’t expect to get a job offer at the Winter Meetings, because the nature of broadcasting jobs is that our tapes need to be listened to multiple times and there just isn’t enough time at the Meetings for employers to do that.

Despite not landing a job offer down in Nashville, I did have five interviews and I’m really excited about that. I would be thrilled to be offered any of the jobs I interviewed for. Once again, to respect their privacy, I won’t name the teams I interviewed with. But I will say this: all five are tremendous organizations that I had been keeping my eye on all offseason.

Now, to go back through the day piece-by-piece. It started bright and early at 10:30 a.m. when I moved out of my hotel room and went down to the Job Fair. Unsurprisingly, there weren’t many new jobs and none were broadcast related. Additionally, there weren’t any new interview lists for the jobs that I had applied for. As a result, I walked around the hotel a couple more times just to see who else I would run into.

Near the MLB Network set, Clint Hurdle walked by me while I watched Terry Francona being interviewed by ESPN. I don’t count Francona because he was on air, but I do count Hurdle. So I guess that means my final count was three managers and three executives? I’ve said this multiple times, but the funny thing about the Winter Meetings is that because there are so many big league executives, managers, and baseball people in general walking around, it’s hard to keep track of who you did and didn’t see. For all I know I could’ve been in line behind a manager for pizza yesterday, although I highly doubt it.

After walking around and grabbing some slices, I went over to the Job Fair for one final look. Once again, nothing new. At this point it was 2:15 and time for my “exit video interview” with Ben and the rest of the writers. We answered some questions about our time at the Winter Meetings, which allowed me to reflect on my time in Nashville and how great it was.

I can’t say this enough: If you want to work in baseball and, a year from now, you aren’t at the 2016 Winter Meetings in Washington D.C., then you are making a huge mistake. There is nothing like it in any industry that I know of. If you can think of another industry where everyone comes together for four days in one place, there’s a Job Fair with hundreds of jobs posted, and interviews take place right there, PLEASE let me know. I’d love to break into that industry.

I met a ton of great people, most of whom I don’t remember their names. It was a tremendous trip and one I will never forget. As a result, I’m already looking forward to the 2016 Meetings and finally landing Hideo Nomo’s signature, although next year it may be Eric Gagne instead.

Also, I just felt the need to mention this again because it’s a cause that’s very close to my heart. A hot dog is not a sandwich.

Thanks, David, for establishing a baseball metaphor akin to Ahab and his White Whale. May your travels bring you ever closer to Hideo Nomo.

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