The Armidale Outlaws Want YOU

Last week, I wrote an article about how the West Michigan Whitecaps built their ballpark exclusively with private funds. This piece inspired one Mick Alldis to get in touch with me. Mick, a baseball-loving Australian with a dream, is engaged in a private funding endeavor of his own.

I think the readers of this blog might be interested in what Mick is doing. I’ll let him tell it:

I read your piece on Fifth Third Ballpark (I’m very envious of the ballparks in the U.S.) and while we are nowhere in the league of this type of setup, I thought I’d drop you a line about baseball here in Armidale NSW, Australia. We are a six hour drive from Sydney and three hours inland from the nearest beach (we don’t all live on the beach and punch sharks in the face, you see!)


I’ve played baseball here in Australia since I was a little kid (my claim to fame is that I played against Graeme Lloyd  as a kid growing up in Geelong, Victoria and I think I once tagged him for a home run). Now I find myself building a team in the small town of Armidale NSW (population 25,000).

People are passionate about baseball here. So much so that we’ve been able to secure some land from the local University and they are happy for us to build our diamond on it. Our own little Field of Dreams might bring a homegrown Jackie Robinson, Derek Jeter or Mike Trout all the way to the USA. We will play in the local Tamworth Winter League (beginning in April) and will drive 80 minutes each week to play until our ground becomes a reality.

We live in a country dominated by cricket and Australian Rules Football (AFL), and are desperate to think of innovative ways  to raise the revenue to build this field. We had an idea. How many people have wanted to co-own a baseball team? For $100 AUS (about $70 US) we’ll send you an Armidale Outlaws cap (Richardson Cap Flexifit design made in the USA) and a Certificate of Ownership.


It’s a bit of fun and a chance for us to raise money to build a baseball diamond, dugouts and netting and even purchase some uniforms. We hope that we might find some generous baseball followers out there! Our GoFundMe page is We have a recent article written about us on the Australian Baseball Alumni page as well

field of dreams

Image from Armidale Baseball Go Fund Me page.

As of this writing (Wednesday, January 13. 12:21 p.m. ET), eight generous souls have donated a combined $575 Australian dollars to the Outlaws’ $5000 goal. If you, like so many others, have once dreamed of nominal ownership in an amateur baseball team located half a world away, then I urge you to donate some dollarydoos. Plus, that’s a pretty sweet hat.

Thanks for getting in touch, Mick.



  1. Stev Lewis

    The Whitecaps have a history with Australian baseball. Our skipper (Andrew Graham) is an Aussie and we have had several players from down under!

    • Mick Alldis

      Thanks Stev…. plenty of good ball players making the journey to the USA to play America’s pastime…. we’re just happy to be able to keep playing the game we love too!

  2. Mick Alldis

    $5500 from 60 donors in 12 days….wow… thanks Ben for sharing our story and for our wonderful co-owners, your caps have been ordered and they will be arriving on your doorstep soon as we can get hold of them!!

  3. Mick Alldis

    Nearly $7K in a month…. 3 times as many co-owners as players and we are flying along….. uniforms arrive tomorrow and we play a practice tournament in 10 days time!!

  4. Mick Alldis

    We won our first 2 practice games and uncorked a wicked thrower on the hill…. nasty hook from Josh Shaw! We now have enough players for 2 teams and we have 66 co-owners!!!! Insane reaction – thanks Ben….your team merchandise is coming over to you in early March!!

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