Virtual Reality in West Michigan

Way back in the Fall of 2013, I ran a guest post by Brad Lawrence of Fox Virtual Tours. In that post, Brad, a “Google trusted photographer,” explained how he had created a virtual 360-degree ballpark tour for the Kane County Cougars.

A few months ago Brad got in touch again to let me know that he has since designed a virtual tour for the West Michigan Whitecaps home of Fifth Third Ballpark. Thanks to Ben’s Biz Backlog, I am just getting to this topic now.

HOME_PLATE (1)In their press release announcing the Google Virtual Tour, the Whitecaps communicated the following:

Google Street View technology allows users to see 360-degree panoramas of the entire ballpark, including many seating sections to provide accurate vantage points, all of the group outing areas, the Super Suite, and the CapSized Shop. The tour also includes interesting locations that Whitecaps fans may never have directly seen before, such as the view from the playing field….The photos are produced using a rotating digital camera mounted on a tripod. Once the photos were taken, Lawrence uses “stitching” software that links each of the photos together to create a seamless tour.


BOWTIE_STARTIn an email, Lawrence elaborated further:

I’m really pleased with how [the Whitecaps] tour turned out– in particular with the spectacular views around the ballpark and the creative stuff we did with the mascots and the scoreboard “Easter egg” view. I really tried to build on what I did for the Cougars and make this one more fun for the fans.  From a practical standpoint, the Whitecaps are already actively using the tour on their website and in their sales process. So I think it’s both a fun story and also one of interest on the business side of baseball.

I can truthfully state that every club who has gotten my virtual tour has gone on to win the next championship. Granted, it’s a small sample size (the Cougars and the Whitecaps), but 2-for-2 ain’t bad!

SCOREBOARDThe above scoreboard “Easter Egg” view reminds me of my 2013 visit to the Whitecaps.

The Midwest League is now the undisputed champion when it comes to Google Virtual Tour usage. If you work for a team: Is this something that you think your club would consider doing? Would it result in new fans and potentially attract new company outings? If you’re a fan: Do you enjoy these tours? Would it make you more likely to purchase tickets?

At any rate, I think that Google Virtual Tours are an interesting endeavor and something that other teams should at least consider.

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