Storm Chasers’ Four Day Frenzy: Day Two

The Omaha Storm Chasers’ “Four Day Frenzy,” in which the front office staff is combining to work 84 straight hours at their home of Werner Park, is taking place now. Throughout the week, the Storm Chasers’ front office will be chronicling their collective “Four Day Frenzy” experience. This is the second installment; to read all of the journal entries click HERE.

Four_Day_Frenzy_ARTICLEToday’s post, covering the events of February 16th through 10 p.m., comes courtesy of ticket sales executive Andy Baker and senior group sales executive Ryan Worthen. 

Andy: Wow. It is hour 37 of the 84-hour 4-Day Frenzy extravaganza. Ryan and I are “reporting” to you after our Tallboy Tuesday trivia night inside the VIP Club. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The new $5 Tallboy Cans were a hit and I’m looking forward to Tuesday Nights at Werner Park this season. I haven’t been with the Storm Chasers for very long, and when I was first told about this event I thought it was insane. Going through it, though, it’s definitely sick.

Ryan: I was in the first full staff meeting where the subject of Frenzy came up. I honestly don’t remember my initial reaction, but I guess nothing shocks me anymore. Perhaps my old age began creeping up on me these past few seasons.

Andy: Tuesday started as a normal day for me. I was on the phone, visiting with folks interested in learning more about this season’s ticket opportunities. The group that was stuffing tickets overnight on Monday came in at 4 p.m. and participated in a four-hour promotion informing fans about a special one-day only ticket package promotion. They could receive a free gift by signing up today.

Ryan: We should mention that tonight’s “Graveyard Shift” is trickling in now. They will stuff thousands of ticket envelopes and boxes until seven in the morning. Last night the group totaled 108 boxes. Not sure that tonight’s crew has it in them, as a few of them are first timers.

Andy: I’ll be one of those rookies, but I’m not on the overnight shift until tomorrow. I’m still new to the MiLB game, and learning things every day.

Ryan: I know one thing you learned today.

Andy: Yeah, so tonight’s event was held in the VIP Club. The trivia teams were enjoying the new drink specials, etc., and hot dogs and brats were also sold. Then one young member of the staff (who was called out for being born before 1991), acting under some misguided assumption, brought out chips and salsa as a surprise dish. To be fair, we both partook and wanted the chips for ourselves. However, chips and salsa in a full bar never go unnoticed. Indeed, the entire VIP Club ended up wanting to taste some of the chips and salsa. It was a huge hit out of nowhere.

Ryan: We ran out of chips.

Andy: Lesson learned. The trivia came to a good finish, with the eventual second-place team coming back from the bottom of the standings. Congrats to “A View from the Box Seats”.

Ryan: Random questions were also featured, which gave everyone present a good challenge and, at times, a good laugh. There were quite a few teams present, and all of the attendees gave the club a season-like atmosphere.

Trivia bros

Trivia bros

Andy: Both of us were security for the event, fancy earpieces and all (like the Secret Service, but different]). We were doing simple things, such as making sure that contestants didn’t use their phones and making sure that they got their money’s worth in food and drink the whole night. On that note, it is our time to wrap up our evening shift. We are going to try to be up by 8 a.m., in anticipation of our 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. graveyard shift Wednesday night.

Ryan: I’ll be in bed by 11.

Andy: Pray for us, and Go Chasers!

Check in throughout the week for more Storm Chasers’ Four Day Frenzy updates. Until then, I remain:

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