StormChasers’ Four Day Frenzy: Day Three

The Omaha Storm Chasers’ “Four Day Frenzy,” in which the front office staff combined to work 84 straight hours at Werner Park, took place from Monday through Thursday of this week. Throughout the week, StormChasers staffers chronicled their collective “Four Day Frenzy” experience in the form of journal entries on this blog. This is the fourth installment; to read all of the journal entries, click HERE.

Four_Day_Frenzy_ARTICLEThis post, written by StormChasers multimedia producer Cody Allen, covers Day Three of the Four Day Frenzy. Or, if you want to get technical, hours 48 through 58. 

Hour 48: The sun breaks over Werner Park and it is now Day Three of our Four Day Frenzy — Community Day. As I walk through the back door of our front office I’m greeted by the faint sound of coffee being brewed, as I prepare myself for the trip around Omaha that I would soon be beginning.

Hours 49-51: Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, my first stop of the day. I arrive at the school early, find a parking spot at the end of the lot and proceed to close my eyes for as long as I can. Now, some might think that a 23-year-old man trying to take a nap in his car at an elementary school would be frowned upon. But, for me, after less than five hours of sleep from the night before, I was willing to take my chances.

After failing to gain any extra Zs in my car, I was joined at King Elementary by [team president] Martie [Cordaro] and [community relations manager] Megan [Burdek]. We were ushered to a kindergarten class room and, after waving his wooden bat at the kids, Martie finally settled down and read the children a few stories about baseball.

Hours 52-54: After leaving King Elementary we were quickly on to our second destination of the day: the Open Door Mission. After spending a good amount of time getting lost on the way, I finally found my way to the Open Door Mission’s kitchen. Upon entering, I noticed four Storm Chasers hats (belonging to Martie, Megan, group sales executive Alex Jerden and special events coordinator Shawn Fitzpatrick) as well as a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey (belonging to a Pittsburgh Steelers fan). After scooping up some potatoes and pasta and snapping a few pictures, it was on to our third and final stop: The Ronald McDonald House.

Hour 55: BREAK TIME!!! Before heading out to the Ronald McDonald House it was time to fill up on gas and food. All in all this hour was pretty uneventful. However, to keep with my formatting, I didn’t want anyone to call me out for skipping Hour 55.

Hours 56-58: On my way to the Ronald McDonald House I only got slightly lost, so by the end of the day things seemed to be looking up for old Cody Allen. Once again I was joined by the great Megan Burdek and the head chef for the evening, Jason “Vito” Kinney. We immediately got put to work preparing Baked Lasagna Roll-Ups. Personally I’m more of a fan of Fruit Roll-Ups but I can always go for some Italian food.

Once all the components of the meal were prepped we created an assembly line of noodles, ricotta filling and sauce to begin the roll-up process. Midway through the pasta assembly we gained a few extra helping hands from the full Cordaro clan. Before we knew it, dinner was being served and all that was left to do was wash the dishes and wrap up the leftovers.

RECAP: In all honesty, today was truly a rewarding day. There were times today when I felt joy — like revisiting kindergarten life for a few hours, or helping prepare food for those who don’t have the time or resources. There were also times today when I was humbled, thinking about those who were less fortunate than myself, who struggle to find their next meal. But the one feeling that stayed with me throughout the day was thankfulness.

Not only was I thankful for the things I have in my life, and the things I sometimes take for granted, but I was also thankful for the people who help those less fortunate on a daily basis. For them, every day is Community Day.

More Four Day Frenzy posts are forthcoming. Until then, I remain:

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