StormChasers’ Four Day Frenzy: Night Three

The Omaha Storm Chasers’ “Four Day Frenzy,” in which the front office staff combined to work 84 straight hours at Werner Park, took place from Monday through Thursday of this week. Throughout the week, StormChasers staffers chronicled their collective “Four Day Frenzy” experience in the form of journal entries on this blog. This is the fifth installment; to read all of the journal entries, click HERE.

Four_Day_Frenzy_ARTICLEToday’s post, covering the Frenzy’s third and final overnight shift (February 17-18), comes courtesy of media relations and website manager Andrew Green.  

Well, this was it. The night I was most anxious about, the so-called “graveyard” shift. At least I can say I’ve had some experience pulling all-nighters: college (of course), a Midnight Madness game several years ago and even the night before Opening Day last year (a game that was rained out, because of course). So I felt up for the challenge. I also considered it a “Spring Training” of sorts for myself, in preparation for the long hours that come with the Minor League Baseball season.

We got started promptly at 9 p.m., working to finish stuffing the remaining full-season ticket packages. An eclectic mix of music was played throughout the evening, ranging from Bone Thugz ‘N’ Harmony to Creedence Clearwater Revival [Editorial note: CCR is the greatest American rock band of all time.] So, clearly, all over the spectrum. We also discussed movies, referencing many of Will Ferrell’s cinematic masterpieces in the process. At one point “Dust In The Wind” came on the Bluetooth speaker and we all thought of  “Blue” Pulaski.

I wish I could say stuffing tickets was a very easy, pleasant experience. However, the dreaded (and painful) paper cuts began to (literally) cut into my work. I’m what you would call a “gamer,” however, and this is the Four Day Frenzy, so there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to let these paper cuts keep me from accomplishing my task. I “played through” my injuries, as tough as they were at times, to help knock out the remaining full-season ticket boxes.

But we were not done there, however, we still had plenty of half-season and mini-plan ticket boxes to stuff and prep. Once again, there was no way I was going to let these paper cuts get in my way. In the words of the great Shane Falco: “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory…lasts forever”.

We pressed on and finally reached the epic moment that was the final mini-plan package. As I sealed my last envelope I raised my arms to the sky and even let out a “WOO!”…and proceeded to get dunked on by ticket sales executive Andy Baker. He slammed a foam ball into a mini-basketball hoop held above me by senior group sales executive Ryan Worthen. I’ll have to plan my revenge on them soon…

The final task of the evening was filling the Storm Trackers packages, which were completed as our shift came to an end.

Millions around the Midwest were probably waking up around that point, many of whom had one thing on their minds: Today’s the day. Royals pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training TODAY!

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