About Yesterday Afternoon: Kingsport Mets, June 26, 2016

This season, when I’m on the road, I’ll write a quick blog post about each Minor League ballpark that I visit. Then, upon my presumed return home, I’ll provide the multifaceted blog coverage that you have come to know and perhaps even love. Yesterday afternoon I visited Kingsport, Tennessee, the second stop on my 10-team Appy League road trip. 

June 26: Hunter Wright Stadium, home of the Kingsport Mets (Rookie-level affiliate of the New York Mets).

Opponent: Pulaski Yankees, 4 p.m. start time.

Hunter Wright Stadium, from the outside:

IMG_0069Hunter Wright Stadium, from the inside: 

IMG_0094Culinary Creation: Enjoying a team-made pork rind (a bag is $3) during the seventh-inning stretch.

IMG_1569Ballpark Characters: K-Mets general manager Brian Paupeck shares his office with a cast of hundreds.
IMG_0070Meanwhile, it was 89 degrees at game time — truly, a dog day of summer.

IMG_0073Your Groundbreaking and Subversive Ballpark Joke of the Day: 

I just could not think of one. The heat was getting to me. I sat in the parking lot for a long time after the game, desperately waiting for inspiration to strike. It did not. I am sorry for this Rookie-level mistake.

Me, in my darkest hour.

Me, in my darkest hour.

Up Next: 

6/27: Johnson City Cardinals

6/28: Bristol Pirates

6/29: Elizabethton Twins

6/30: Princeton Rays

7/1: Bluefield Blue Jays

7/2: Pulaski Yankees

7/3: Danville Braves

7/4: Burlington Royals





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