Ben’s Biz: Now Wearable!

In June of 2015, the official Ben’s Biz logo made its debut. This was a professional milestone for me.

Ever since the logo — designed by the magnificent Sean Kane — appeared, dozens if not scores of people have asked me the following question: “So when am I gonna get to buy a T-shirt featuring your beaming, beatific countenance?”

That question has a new answer: “Now!”

The official Ben’s Biz T-shirt is available for purchase!


The official Ben’s Biz T-shirts, Made in the USA by Original Retro Brand, retail for $20. They look and feel great, and a portion of every purchase benefits Minor League Baseball Charities, supporting youth baseball, community outreach and disaster relief efforts in Minor League cities across the country. Every shirt comes with a free autograph, which you will surely frame and hang in a prominent location:


I couldn’t find anyone to model one of my shirts for me, so I took to the streets myself.


Photo credit: #TwitterlessDannyWild

Once again, the shirt is AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Supplies are limited, because the market for this shirt is limited. More than anything, this is about spreading the word: the word that there’s a guy who writes about the business and culture of Minor League Baseball, visits many different ballparks, tries to be original and funny and not too much of a sycophant and  — hey! — his stuff might be worth reading. Thanks to all who’ve spread the word thus far.


There’s another Ben’s Biz T-shirt, and this one is not for sale. This one will only be available to an exclusive fraternity: the Designated Eater.


In 2012 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Since then, at each ballpark I visit, I’ve recruited a designated eater to consume the ballpark cuisine that my gluten-free diet prohibits. Going forward, every designated eater will receive the T-shirt seen above. I’ll be bringing them with me on my next road trip, which kicks off Aug. 1 in Sacramento.

So there you have it: Ben’s Biz is in T-shirt form, and these shirts are AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go work on my modeling poses.


Handsome Boy Modeling School



  1. Fernando zamora

    Hey Ben it’s fernando. thanks for letting my dad and i eat with you it was an amazing experience. I was wondering if I can buy another shirt for him to hang up in his office. Thanks again for everything.

    • BensBiz

      Hi Fernando —

      The designated eater shirts are not available for sale. I’m swamped now but in the offseason I will figure out a system for getting the shirts to past DEs who want one. Thanks to you and your Dad for joining me in Stockton!

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