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Jon and Kate Plus Football Plus Blurry Mascot Photos Plus Dubious Metaphors

windswept.jpgGreetings from the barren, windswept prairie that is mid-November in Minor League Baseball. It’s not that bad out here, in all honesty. There’s an invigorating chill in the air, plenty of room to roam, and all it takes to ward off predatory mammals is a well-aimed hatchet toss. 

Therefore, all that’s left for me to do is to collect and then disseminate the few scraps of information that are blowing about. I shall commence with this immediately:

— I’ve never seen the reality show “Jon and Kate Plus 8”, but am nonetheless aware that it is a pop-cultural phenomenon for some reason. In tonight’s episode, which airs at 9 on TLC, Jon takes the kids to a Reading Phillies game. This marks the second time this year that a reality show dealing with oversized broods has filmed on location at a Double-A baseball game. Do I spot a trend?

— And speaking of television…Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians, was featured on Sunday Night Football yesterday evening. Kudos to the Indy grounds crew for some thoughtful outfield logo placement:


Finally, my plea on Twitter and Facebook this morning for last-minute blog material came up empty…except for this: Reader Lee McEacharn was kind enough to send me a picture of San Jose Giants mascot Gigante throwing out the first pitch at a game in August in honor of his birthday. What I like about this photo is that it is mysterious and timeless, imbuing the normally straightforward subject of mascot birthdays with an air of shadowy intrigue.

Did this actually take place, or was it all a dream?