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Dilly Dallying Before Dallas

Exactly one week from today, I (and much of the baseball world) will be in Dallas, TX for the annual Baseball Winter Meetings.

And the most important thing I can think of regarding my attendance at this annual confab is this: if you’re going to be there, I would like to meet you. Truly, one of the best things about the Meetings is that names can be put to faces (and vice versa). After a year spent largely in self-imposed writerly isolation at MiLB.com HQ, this is very important (for both networking and ego purposes).

So if you see me self-consciously wandering the hallways of lobbies of the Hilton Anatole, make sure to say hello.

My outfit when in Texas

And, as always, I’ll be on the lookout for unique stories. Speaking broadly, my angle every year is to illuminate what is going on at the Meetings outside of the national sports media’s Hot Stove spotlight. This generally includes mainstays such as the President’s Opening Remarks, the Bob Freitas Business Seminar, the Trade Show and the Job Fair. Please get in touch if  you have any ideas or suggestions related to unique Winter Meetings perspectives (umpire? groundskeepers? scout?), people, and products.

As for me, this will be my fifth time at the Winter Meetings. A brief rundown of that which has come before:

2007: My first industry event, which I attended after a co-worker graciously allowed me to stay in his hotel room. I had no idea what I was doing (not even a camera to my name), and spent most of my time lost and disoriented within the seemingly inescapable Opryland Hotel. Most, but not all.

Welcome to the Bio-Dome: Nashville's Gaylord Opryland

2008: Freeloading yet again, this time in Vegas. While I enjoyed the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the Pinball Hall of Fame, the extremely spread out locations made for a logistically difficult couple of days. And what happened in Vegas did indeed stay in Vegas, which makes sense from a spatial-temporal perspective.

2009: This time I was totally legit, with my own hotel room and everything, in Indianapolis. In fact, I was even a speaker during the “roundtable” portion of the Bob Freitas Business Seminar. I thought it went well enough, but since I have not been asked to speak again in any capacity it appears that might not be the case. (Also: this year featured the best Winter Meetings “Gala” I have yet attended.)

Justifying my existence in Indianapolis

2010: A Fairy Tale experience within the grounds of Orlando’s Magic Kingdom, so long as your definition of “Fairy Tale” includes taking dozens of extremely short cab rides over the span of several days simply because there are no sidewalks anywhere. My time was anything but pedestrian, at least.

And now here we are, just one week away from 2011’s action-packed incarnation of Winter Meetings madness. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’m saying it now: Get in touch anytime, for any reason.