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In Which Our Gaze Turns Northward

Thumbnail image for Vancouver Canadians Logo.jpgOnce upon a time, affiliated professional baseball in Canada was fairly common. The likes of Ottawa, Calgary, and (my favorite) Medicine Hat were all part of the Minor League scene, but now that scene is down to just one team: the Vancouver Canadians.

As has been mentioned on this blog in the past, Canadians GM Andrew Seymour has always been conscientious about sending me photos from the team’s events and promotions. This is much appreciated, because photos=content and content is king. Without it, this blog is nothing but a vortex of eternal nothingness. I’m not sure that the previous sentence made sense, but this cursor, much like time itself, can only move forward. So forward we shall go…

To pictures! Over the past several months, Seymour sent me a multitude of pictures that for reasons of varying validity I neglected to post on this blog. This situation will now be rectified.

First, let’s take a look at the Hot Dog Eating Contest that the team staged. The following photos serve as ample proof that Canadians are sometimes more American than Americans.

Here’s where the magic happened:

vancouver -- hot dog contest layout.JPG 

Such a tranquil scene was soon disrupted by the ravenous actions of individuals such as these:

Vancouver -- stuffed.JPG

Vancouver -- stuffed close-up.JPG

Vancouver -- mid-chew.JPG

I call this guy “Kob-Asahi”

vancouver -- canadian kobayashi.JPG

The players looked on in amusement, while enjoying the comfort that only plastic lawn furniture can provide…

Vancouver -- players watch dog eating.JPG

As this man emerged victorious:

Vancouver -- hot dog champ.JPG

Much like a hot dog, I am on a roll. So now let me transfer to the next logical subject: Bergers.

Mitch Berger, that is. The punter for the Super Bowl champion Steelers (and Vancouver native) paid a visit to the ballpark in order to sign autographs, pose for pictures, and flash expensive jewelry:

Canadians -- Berger 2.JPG

Canadians -- Berger 3.JPG

Canadians -- Berger 1.JPG
Kansas City Royals great Frank White also paid a visit. I’ve never met the guy personally, but he emanates so much class you’d think he was a professional class emanater. And perhaps he is.

Canadians -- White 1.JPG

Canadians -- White 2.JPG

Canadians -- White 3.JPG
Canadians -- White 4.JPG
This concludes our brief foray into a foreign land that most can only dream of. Tomorrow, it’s USA or bust.



Bob Brown Bear on CBC.JPGFor those who don’t follow the world of Minor League Baseball very closely, a common misperception is that teams more or less go into hibernation during the offseason. Sure, someone might occasionally stop by the office to check the phone messages and pick up the mail, but that’s about it, right?

Wrong! In the Minor Leagues, not even bears go into hibernation during the offseason…even if said bear is employed by a short-season ballclub AND lives in a foreign country.

For proof, journey with me all the way to the exotic locale of Vancouver, Canada, the home of the sensibly-named Vancouver Canadians. The club’s mascot Bob Brown Bear has been working overtime in order to spread holiday cheer while simultaneously keeping the Canadians baseball club in the hearts and minds of the Vancouver citizenry.

Here, we see Bob Brown Bear (BBB, as he will henceforth be known) working the crowd at Vancouver’s annual Santa Claus parade:


BBB later made an appearance at Vancouver’s annual tree-lighting ceremony, once again while toting his trademark giant candy cane:


Then, back in the comfortable confines of Nat Bailey Stadium, BBB welcomed none other than Santa Claus himself. Mr. Claus was taking time out of his busy schedule in order to check out the fine items on display at the Canadians’ one-day only merchandise sale. Of course, he also patiently listened to the Christmas wish requests of Vancouver’s youngest generation:


So, there you have it folks. Just another quick glimpse into the YEAR-ROUND operation of a Minor League franchise.

(Thanks to Canadians GM Andrew Seymour for the pictures. And, please, by all means, don’t hesitate to send YOUR offseason pics to benjamin.hill@mlb.com)