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Giddy Up, Giddy Up, For '09

turn.jpgAs you may or may not be aware, the inexorable passage of time has resulted in the fact that we are now living within the realm of a new calendar year: 2009!

I, once again, find myself either unable or unwilling to make an earnest bid for literary immortality. But I have to do something to pass the time and pay the bills, so I may as well engage in a task that serves the betterment of mankind. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that I have updated my links section. There have been a few additions and many subtractions, as I work toward the ultimate goal of providing the most well-curated Minor League link list ever known to man.

I must credit Joey over at “The Consumption Of…” blog for motivating me to undertake this most recent round of link list updates. For it was he who asked me, in the comments section of a recent post, what were some of my Minor League team blogs.

My answer, in good old alphabetical order:

BlueClaws BlogA recently revitalized destination, offering behind-the-scenes insight intoblogssss.gif anything related to the BlueClaws.   

The Brooklyn Baseball BlogAll sorts of inside tidbits on life in the Cycones front office, written in a light-hearted and humorous style.

Greg’s Connecticut Defenders BlogUpdated regularly throughout the offseason, and chock full of exclusive pictures.  

Notes From the Nat (Vancouver Canadians fan blog) — Surprisingly thorough and wide-ranging coverage from a short-season superfan.

Rattler Radio (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers) — As someone who has engaged in my own half-insane blogging adventures, I greatly enjoy announcer Chris Mehring’s wide-ranging, highly-detailed, and humor-laced posts.

Travelerocity (Arkansas Travelers fan blog) — No other Minor League blog I’ve come across enjoys a greater level of user interaction than does “Travelerocity.”

Of course, please get in touch (by email or the comments section) with YOUR favorite blogs. If I’m missing anything, please let me know. And, as always, thanks for reading.


Blogroll Egg and Cheese, On A Kaiser Bun

Cyclones_1It is once again time to direct your attention to some new team blogs on the Minor League scene. As it just so happens, today’s spotlighted sites are dedicated to the NYC teams in the Class A Short-Season New York-Penn League.

First up is "The Brooklyn Baseball Blog", a collective effort by the front office of the Brooklyn Cyclones. It is updated frequently, and recent posts have covered a wide array of topics (including GM Steve Cohen’s Super Bowl bet, the recent acquisition of Maverick the Wonder Dog, and inside info on the logistics of putting on a fireworks show).

Heading over to Gotham’s most neglected borough, we now check in with the Staten Island Yankees.Siyanks
Fans of the so-called "Baby Bombers" would do well to visit Baby-Bombers.com, which is as comprehensive and professional as any unofficial team site I’ve ever seen. When one considers the fact that the site’s photographer and head writer are both 17 years old, it becomes even more impressive.

As always, I implore my vast and loyal readership to keep me updated on any new Minor League blogs and websites that they may come across. It is imperative to the continued success of this operation.

In Which We Scour the Blogosphere…

Snow_1Approximately two months ago, I compiled a list of Minor League team blogs and posted them in alphabetical order in a handy list that appears on your left (slightly below my fireworks-enhanced image).

While some of these blogs hibernate during the offseason, others are charging through the winter months at full speed. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on, shall we? For a nice change of pace, I’ll write this out as an ellipses-strewn hodgepodge of information. Talk about living dangerously…

Over at Inside the Threshers, Clearwater Ticket Manager Kevin Brahm continues to provide news and notes on everything related to the Class A Advanced Phillies affiliate…Just one notch down the ladder in Philadelphia’s farm system are the Lakewood BlueClaws, whose web site features a light-hearted and wide ranging official blog written by members of the front office…While his subject matter sometimes strays from the Montgomery Biscuits during the offseason, beat writer Stacy Long’s blog remains a great source for info on Tampa’s farm system as well as offbeat items related to Biscuits’ alumni…While affiliated Minor League Baseball will not be returning to Ottawa in 2008, the "Unofficial" Ottawa Lynx Blog diligently tracks the whereabouts of team alumni in addition to providing updates on the future of professional baseball in Ottawa…The departure of the Lynx leaves the Vancouver Canadians as the only Minor League team left north of the border. Notes From the Nat does a splendid job of providing Vancouverians (Vancouverites?) with a ton of info on the team, including unorthodox topics such as the recent profile on the club’s clubhouse attendant… Anyone interested in the Yankees’ farm system should make regular visits to Chad Jennings’ SWB Yankees blog, which is about as thorough, professional, and frequently updated as a blog can possibly be…Pinstriped Scranton often covers similar terrain, mixed with personal anecdotes and interesting tangents…The Surge, meanwhile, documents goings-ons in the Detroit Tigers farm system, with an emphasis on the always-formidable West Michigan Whitecaps…As always, the blog of Vermont Lake Monsters mascot Champ remains worth visiting. In his most recent post, Champ laments the fact that he has broken his New Year’s resolution of not mixing beans, onions, caviar and onions in the same breakfast burrito…Last but certainly not least, Rattler Radio (the blog of Wisconsin Timber Rattlers broadcaster Chris Mehring) is always worth checking out. Mehring posts several times a day, including a long-running "Countdown to Opening Day" feature.

And, of course, do not hesitate to contact me if you are aware of any Minor League blogs that I have somehow missed. As much as it pains me to make errors of omission, it pains me even greater to think that I might not be made aware of these errors.

Some New Additions to the MiLB Blogosphere

NaturalAs part of my ongoing campaign to recognize and highlight Minor League blogs of all sizes, shapes, and styles, I would now like to point my vast legion of readers in the direction of several sites of interest:

Natural TurfThe official blog of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, who are currently preparing for their inaugural season. This is a well-maintained (and often humorous) look at the massive amount of work that goes into starting a new professional franchise, and features several interesting photo galleries as well (including one detailing the progress of brand-new Arvest Ballpark).

A Fan is the GM BlogA blog maintained by Randy Whitaker, the new General Manager of theTshirt
Harrisburg Senators. Whitaker, a huge baseball fan and a long-time supporter of the Senators, is unlike other Minor League GMs in that this is his first job in professional baseball. He is approaching his new occupation with a ton of enthusiasm and a fresh perspective, and is chronicling his experiences as a first-time baseball executive in this blog.

Williamsport Crosscutters Winter Meetings Blog
Gabe Sinicropi, the Cutters’ VP of Marketing, writes in detail about his Winter Meetings experience. It seems that he and the rest of the Cutters crew were able to spend plenty of time away from the Gaylord Opryland Resort’s clutches. I wish I could have found a way to do the same.

Ben's Biz Blog Recommends…

Hinter2 Out here in the blogging hinterlands, it can somewhat difficult to cultivate and sustain a loyal crew of regular readers. I need all the help I can get. That’s why I must pause for a moment here and thank Deadspin for linking to this fine blog yesterday, and I can only hope that at least a few of yesterday’s first-time visitors were intrigued enough by the content therein to make Ben’s Biz Blog a regular destination.

On that note, I would like to take the time to steer my readers to a couple of other websites that may be of interest. Just last week, marketing and public relations veteran Joe Favorito launched Sports Marketing and PR Round-Up, which is updated daily with all sorts of information pertaining to the vast world of sports promotions and public relations. For those interested in the topic (and aren’t we all?), this blog is a must.

Another site well worth checking out is Gameops.com, which calls itself "the leader in game operations and entertainment." Gameops has long been a destination for those in the sports industry, but even those who are not will be entertained by what lies therein. Whether you are interested in reading an interview with an NBA mascot, searching for a killer idea for a Minor League ice hockey promotion, or interested in buying a top-of-the-line t-shirt launcher, then Gameops is the place.

MiLB Blogroll!

Ist2_2141580_man_at_computer_deskOne of the glorious things about the somewhat slackened pace of the offseason is that I can embark upon projects that there would be no time for from April-September. For example, over the past several weeks I have systematically compiled a list of Minor Leage Team blogs (44 and growing…)

My motivation for this was to provide you, the reader, with a jumping-off point to explore the vast world of minor league blogs. Many of these fine web sites provide information and perspective that cannot be found anywhere else. In doing so they serve as a nice complement to what can be found on MiLB.com, which by necessity must take a more "macro" view of the Minor League landscape.

My Minor League Team Blogroll is located to your left. Check it out! They range from independent fan journals to the musings of team beat writers to "official" blogs linked through the club’s web site. I plan on highlighting impressive team blogs throughout the offseason, and no time like the present to get started on that. Here are a few that stand out (and please keep in mind that in the offseason many blogs are not updated on a regular basis).

Travelerocity (Arkansas Travelers) — Opinionated, professional, and very thorough. This site has perhaps the most active comments section of any team blog I’ve come across.

Tornadic Activity (Brooklyn Cyclones) — Appropriately enough for a team that plays in Coney Island, this blog is written by a juggling vendor who works at KeySpan Park.

Inside the Clearwater Threshers — Frequently updated and informative official team blog by Threshers’ Ticket Manager Kevin Brahm.

Greg’s Connecticut Defenders Blog Greg really knows his stuff.

Fort Myers Miracle (by News Press writer Edward Pelegrino) — Well produced and professional, with year-round coverage of Fort Myers’ baseball happenings.

Crawdads BlogVery thoroughly documents the Crawdads’ entire season, with professional-level  pictures galore.

Lowell Spinners Official Blog — The Spinners are one of the best-run teams in the Minors. It’s no surprise their blog is first-rate.

The Unofficial Ottawa Lynx Blog — With the season now over, this blog has turned its attention toward the fight to keep professional baseball in Ottawa. Things aren’t looking too good at the moment…

Pinstripes PA —  News and notes on the SWB Yankees as well as the big club in the Bronx, written by a self-described "sportswriter in training".

SWB Yankees Blog — Extremely well-done and authoritative, this blog provides ample news and notes on Yankee prospects from Times-Tribune beat writer Chad Jennings.

Fear the Deer (State College Spikes) — Fear the deer indeed, because they will attack when you least expect it!

Notes From the Nat (Vancouver Canadians) — Proudly providing news and notes from the only Canadian city with an affiliated Minor League team.

Champ’s Vermont Lake Monsters Blog — The only Minor League team blog solely from a mascot perspective.

Rattler Radio (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers) — Broadcaster Chris Mehring gives you his views on all things baseball.

If anyone is aware of any blogs that can be added to this illustrious list, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.