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Rickwoodn't Be Nice

rickwood.jpgWhen it comes to places I’d like to visit within the world of Minor League Baseball, I have a list that’s two feet wide and a mile long. It’s a most unwieldy list, and upon consulting it I can not help but feel there should be a more economical way for me to write out my desires.

But at the top of this list, towering 5,280 feet above the ground, is this item:

Attend the Rickwood Classic.

For those who may not yet be “in the know” —  Each season the Birmingham Barons play one game at Rickwood Field, which served as their home from 1910 through 1987 and is now recognized as the oldest functioning professional stadium in the country. The club pulls out all the stops for the Rickwood Classic, honoring a different period of Birmingham baseball history each year by suiting up in that era’s uniforms.

I bring this up because yesterday the Barons announced the details of the 2010 Classic. Here’s a relevant excerpt:

The Birmingham Barons will do their part to celebrate the 100th
anniversary of historic
Thumbnail image for baronslogo.jpg Rickwood Field when the team returns to their
old stomping grounds for the 15th Annual Rickwood Classic on June 2.
The 12:30 p.m. contest will pit the Barons
opposite the Tennessee Smokies…The two franchises will use the occasion to pay homage to the early
years of Rickwood Field. The $75,000, 7,000-seat facility opened on
Aug. 18, 1910, when the Barons took on the Montgomery Climbers in a
game witnessed by an estimated 10,000 fans….The Barons will wear replicas of uniforms from the 1910 season while
the Smokies will wear uniforms from the 1914 season, when they were
known as the Appalachian Smokies.

I wrote a feature about the Rickwood Field earlier this year, which can be viewed HERE. And since I’m on the topic, I’d like to point out that in both 2006 and 2007, the Barons won the Classic, 3-2, on the strength of a late-inning tie-breaking sacrifice fly by Thomas Collaro. Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up.

alabama.gifAt any rate, June 2 is now marked on my 2010 calendar with an Alabama state flag puffy sticker. Maybe this year I’ll be able to traverse the Mason-Dixon line in order to see Rickwood Field in all it’s glory.

— On Tuesday I wrote about the Lakewood BlueClaws’ bowling league, and even attempted to brainstorm some potential team names. Well, the BlueClaws held a “best bowling team name” contest via Twitter, ultimately selecting these entries: Pinchy’s Pin Busters, BlueClaws Pin Setters, and Alley Claws.

I’m surprised no one suggested “Pinchsetters.”

— Finally, a new edition of “Promo Preview Offseason Edition” can be found HERE. At the very least, read the column in order to discover my three favorite songs on “Appetite for Destruction.” I’d be interested to hear yours.


A Return to Fertile Soil

tippingpoint.jpgThere are 160 teams in the world of affiliated Minor League Baseball, and I do my best to cover them in as fair and equitable a manner as possible. But, inevitably, some teams receive more coverage than others.

I’ll let others be the judge of why this may be so (east coast bias? bribery? laziness? the randomness inherent in all aspects of existence?). My reason for bringing this topic up in the first place is simply because, yet again, I am going to devote a blog post to the Lakewood BlueClaws and Trenton Thunder. Regular readers are aware, of course, that these two teams have recently gotten more than their share of coveted Ben’s Biz Blog publicity.

Well, here’s some more.

Let’s start with the BlueClaws, who announced today that they will be sponsoring a bowling league. I am a huge proponent of the sport (which, nouveau Brooklynites take note, should be enjoyed unironically), and therefore eager to see this idea catch on throughout the Minors.

As befits such an occasion, the BlueClaws launched into a series of bowling-related puns as a way to promote this endeavor. From a post today on the BlueClaws blog:

“Have some spare time? Want a great way to split up the work week? Then don’t strike out.bowl.gif Join the new BlueClaws Bowling League!”

The blog also provides a link to “funny team bowling names“, which is something I can definitely get behind. Here’s a my own list of baseball-inspired bowling league names:

The Hook-y Leagues
The Liberal Strike Zones
Hall of Framers
Bowl Durham
Slow Rollers
The Split-chell Report

Man, that was harder than I thought it would be. I didn’t do a very good job at all. All that I can do is offer my customary “kudos” to the team in question and move on….

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for trenton_logo.GIFTo the Trenton Thunder, who are staging a unique and very worthwhile memorabilia auction. Throughout the season, clubby Tom “Tonto” Cackley collected memorabilia from a wide array of Thunder players (including rehabbing big leaguers) as well as special ballpark guests. Now, he’s auctioning all of these items on eBay, with proceeds benefiting the Domestic Violence Project. 

There are 87 (!) items available. Listing them would be rather redundant; simply click HERE and see for yourself.

Finally, I’ll be writing up a new offseason edition of “Promotion Preview” tomorrow, covering the next two weeks. Please get in touch with information on any and all Minor League events that are taking place during this time.

Thank you in advance for getting in touch. And thank you retroactively for reading.