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The Most Popular Blog Post of All Time

During my recent run of bouillabaisse blog posts, I took the time to parse the “Year in Blogging” report that I had recently received from WordPress. For the purposes of today’s post, I’d like to return to the following excerpt:

[T]he 2013 Year-End Blogging Report…included the following information regarding the search terms that led people to visit Ben’s Biz: “Some visitors came searching, mostly for canadian tuxedo, ben’s biz blog,bens biz blog, skateboard, and brett favre.” The lesson here is that a picture of Brett Favre in an all-denim outfit riding a skateboard would be blog traffic gold. Can someone doctor one up for me?

I am happy to report that not one, but two, someones indeed doctored one up for me. Posting them here will drive my traffic to stratospheric new levels, insuring that I remain the most influential and indispensable blogger in Minor League Baseball history. This one is courtesy of Wisconsin Timber Rattlers creative director Ann Mollica, who, among other accomplishments, played a huge role in making the world aware of the Whitewall Ninja.


And this one is courtesy of a mysterious Twitter entity, known as @AizersWallet.

Favre_AizerswalletMy sincere thanks to Ms. Mollica and Mr. AizersWallet for their photoshopped efforts on my behalf. And I thank you, random internet Google searcher, for your fleeting visit to Ben’s Biz Blog. Before you leave, please take a moment to recognize that I am the greatest and also most underrated baseball writer of all time.

Thank you.

You know what else drives the eyeballs to this little slice of the internet landscape? Rhetorical questions.

But since I don’t have any material related to that particular topic, I’ll instead hit you with some logo news. Late last month, the polarizing but undoubtedly influential “ideas company” that is Brandiose announced the final re-branding of what had been a very busy offseason (Akron RubberDucks, El Paso Chihuahuas, Inland Empire 66ers, Vermont Lake Monsters, and more that I am probably forgetting as I sit here typing stream of consciousness-style).

Forthwith, the Vancouver Canadians will sport this updated look (note the “V” hidden within the leaf):

VancouverCanadians-01 (1)

 On the topic of “new logos with cool hidden elements,” here’s the Brooklyn Cyclones’ 2014 New York-Penn League All-Star Game logo:


Even cooler are the jerseys that will be worn during the All-Star Game, which feature “the names of EVERY Player who made it from the NYPL to the Major Leagues watermarked into the pattern.”


And, finally, how about a logo for a team that doesn’t officially exist yet? If all goes according to plan, the Huntsville Stars will move to Biloxi in time for the 2015 season. This fledgling Southern League franchise, a Brewers affiliate, does not yet have a name. But it does have a website, and the website includes this logo:


Seeing those two B’s together reminds me that I need an official “Ben’s Biz” logo. Please, feel free to send over your prototypes.



From the "It Was Only A Matter of Time" Department…

brett.favre.jpgIt might not have anything to do with baseball, but the drama, uncertainty, and general chaos surrounding Brett Favre’s recent decision to “unretire” is too hilarious a situation to ignore. So, in the grand tradition of last season’s Billy Donovan promotion in Fort Myers, the Augusta GreenJackets have announced that August 4 will be “Brett Favre Night” at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

In cases like these, I find it most expedient to quote copiously from the press release. Here’s what’s in store for the evening:

The GreenJackets plan on retiring the number four
jersey on August 4, only to reinstate it the next day on August 5. 
The team also will hand out a pair of flip flops to the first 100 fans
through the gates on August 4 to honor one of the greatest flip-floppers of all

Other events planed for the night include seat up
grades to box seating for anyone wearing a Favre jersey,
Green Bay or
Atlanta.  Fans wearing a “cheese head” will also
receive a free brat at the concession stand. 


We are also allowing any fan that purchases a ticket
between now and August 3 the


opportunity to reuse that ticket for the
Augusta 4 game because just because your game is
over, does not mean your game is over,”


Food specials will include brats and Pabst beer, and
there will be on field contests that include the “Lambeau Leap” and the “Strahan

The full release can be read here. Congratulations to Augusta GM Nick Brown and his front office staff for being the first club to poke fun at Favre and his waffling ways.

The Renegades Honor A True American Hero

favre.jpg12-year-old David Whitthoft has recently received a veritable boatload of media attention due to the fact that he wore a Brett Favre Green Bay Packers jersey for 1,581 consecutive days — a Guinness World Record. He voluntarily brought the streak to an end on his 12th birthday.

On August 30th, the Hudson Valley Renegades will pay tribute to Whitthoft’s amazing accomplishment during their annual “NFL Night” promotion. The pre-teen Connecticut resident will be on hand to throw out the game’s first pitch, and the club will retire his tattered #4 Favre jersey. Hopefully, Whitthoft will receive a Renegades jersey for his troubles, which he will then decide to wear until his high school graduation.

Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers won’t be retiring Favre’s #4 jersey until September 8. Therefore, Packers fans who can’t wait that long are urged to travel to Hudson Valley’s Dutchess Stadium in order to witness this emotional and stirring ceremony. That’s a 900-mile drive that’s sure to be worth it.