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Awesomeness, Kitty Growl and Otherwise

I’m flying to Appleton, WI (home of the Timber Rattlers) tomorrow morning, thus beginning another Minor League Baseball road trip. Therefore, this blog will be entirely given over to “On the Road” content for the next several weeks.

But before succumbing to this inevitability, I’d like to inform you of the “Kitty Growl Awesomeness” that is currently overtaking the New Britain Rock Cats.

Kitty-Growl-AwesomenessOn April 30, Rock Cats Director of Creative Services Mark Milligan wrote in with the following information:

During scoring plays we typically play our run scoring music of Zombie Nation and have had cat growls over top of it. Recently we’ve spiced it up with this video that accompanies our growls.

We’ve dubbed the character as ‘Tom Cat’ and the video ‘Kitty Growl Awesomeness.’

Let me know what you think about it.

My reply was, in essence, “I think it’s awesome.” This encouraged Milligan to get in touch with more info as well as links to two more Tom Cat appearances. He writes:

The first time we broke this out, the Rock Cats erupted for 10 runs and 16 total for that game. Fans are taking to it well — the sales of the hat Tomcat wears are up and we’ve been getting some fans joining him for the Kitty Growly Awesomeness in the stands.

Zombie Nation!


Junior PA announcers get in on the act:


Milligan, understanding that one should utilize the Rule of Threes whenever possible, got in touch one more time:

I wanted to pass along two more things from the legend that is Kitty Growly Awesomeness.

The first is a picture of Rock Cats IF James Beresford breaking out the Awesomeness to greet a recently scored Rock Cat:


The second is this: 

There’s little doubt in my mind that the legend of Kitty Growly Awesomeness will continue to grow. Just remember: you heard it here first!

I’ve got a little more room and a little more time, so how ’bout another bit of randomness? Last month the Binghamton Mets staged “Budget Cut Night,” in which all of the night’s entertainment was done on the cheap. In lieu of the nightly mascot race (featuring local delicacy Spiedie, Chef, and Marinade) the team ran this on the videoboard instead:

You still want more? Jeez, you guys are insatiable! How about this video, which aired as part of the West Michigan Whitecaps recent “Hipster Night” promo:

I am nothing if not a ready hipster (I live in North Brooklyn, where I play pinball and obsess over the intricacies of Bish Bosch), so I hope the Whitecaps are ready for me on June 27. See ya soon, Midwest League!