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Casey at the Blog

This past August, I wrote an article for MiLB.com about Minor League player turned Major League actor Casey Bond. The one-time Giants prospect, now 27, hung up his spikes after the 2009 campaign and soon thereafter began a new life as a Hollywood thespian.

Bond’s big break came when he was cast in the film adaptation of Moneyball (now out on dvd) playing undervalued submarine pitcher Chad Bradford. This put him in close proximity to the Hollywood A-list (a scene with Brad Pitt!), and represented a significant step upwards in his still-fledgling acting career. Moneyball has since been nominated for six Academy Awards — including best picture, best actor (Pitt), and, of course, best portrayal of an unorthodox middle reliever — so now seems to be as good a time as any to catch up with Bond and see what’s been percolating in his post-Moneyball life.

Photo: Peter Hurley

Ben’s Biz: Last we spoke, Moneyball had yet to be released. What has been your reaction to the film’s critical and commercial success?

Casey Bond:The response to the film has been AMAZING.  We are all so proud to have been a part of a film which has brought in so much success, not just in a box office standpoint, but also now in award nominations.  We picked up a Critic’s Choice Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, were nominated for numerous Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and now for six Academy Awards.  I truly hope that we can pick up as many awards as possible along the way, as people have really gravitated toward this film, and it deserving!

BB: Speaking of awards, will we be seeing you walking the red carpet at the Oscars?

CB: [T]he plans for that are not yet determined.  However, I did attend the festivities for the Golden Globes which was quite an astonishing event.  I was fortunate enough to mingle with most everyone in the industry, and many that I grew up watching on the big screen.  It was quite a night.

Bond as Bradford

BB: How has your life changed since the film came out? Ever been stopped on the street by awestruck Chad Bradford fans?

CB: It has been a ride I would never give up.  This film as led me to so many great opportunities, and wonderful people…. I was actually stopped in the gym yesterday by a really nice fella who first off asked me if I was an actor, and my “Yes, sir” answer was followed by him simply saying, “What a great film…you did a great job.”  Personally, I love meeting new people and learning about their story. As opposed to some, I love it when people come up and say something to me.

BB: Speaking of Bradford, any chance that you’ll break back into professional baseball as a submariner?

CB: As far as breaking back into professional baseball as a submariner, I would NEVER count me out!  I’m obviously going to continue to put my efforts into the entertainment industry, as this is where I have been led and need to be right now, but don’t get caught with your back turned because I still go out and throw.  That will always be a part of me, and I am still young, so you just never know.  Not to mention that I really do have a great feel for this whole submarine thing once I get on the mound.  I don’t know why, it just seems to work.  It would be quite a marketing ploy for a team to pick me up right now about too…wouldn’t you agree?

Bond, as Bradford, with Moneyball author Michael Lewis

BB: In addition to plotting an improbable comeback, what else have you got lined up? Anything currently in development?

CB: Currently, I have been working on producing a film.  That has been at the forefront of my efforts, and its coming along quite well.  I wish I could tell you more on that subject, but it’s simply too early to discuss at this point.  Believe me, I will certainly let you know when we are far enough along to release more information on the project.  I am definitely excited about making it happen though!  If anyone wants to check in on some of the latest happenings, feel free to check out my Facebook page for all the latest updates.

So there you have it, folks: the latest update from Bond. Casey Bond. He’s certainly riding one of the more interesting ex-Minor League player career arcs out there right now, and I do enjoy following those sorts of stories. If YOU have any recommendations as to who else could be featured on this blog, then of course don’t hesitate to get in touch.