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Permanence Amidst the Ephemeral

Last week I took a break from the typical sort of blog content, eschewing the ever-present “now” in favor of planning for the future. And indeed, your input is still very much desired regarding that particular tri-fecta of posts:

Tell me your MiLB road trip suggestions!

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— Send me headshots! (Seriously, the response to this thus far has been tepid at best. My writerly ego, so fragile to begin with, is in danger of suffering irreparable damage. Here’s some inspiration for ya:

But that was then, so now it’s time to look at what was then now. Or, rather, was now then. Capiche? Me neither.

First and foremost, we have a late arriving piece of news from the team name/logo field: Next season, the peripatetic Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees will be known as the “Empire State Yankees.

The Yankees’ Empire State of Mind is due to the fact that the team will be playing “on ze road” throughout the 2012 season, with the majority of the ballgames being hosted by the Rochester Red Wings (the team is also playing “home” games in the Empire  State locales of Batavia, Buffalo, and Syracuse). This less than ideal situation is because the team’s PNC Field is undergoing an extensive $40 million renovation, rendering the field unplayable.

Or is it? The renovations have yet to begin, as the team’s scheduled sale to Mandalay Baseball has yet to go through. More on all that, as well as the mild controversy behind the Empire State Yankees name, can be found HERE.

And, hey, since we’re on the new logo tip now would be a good time to show the San Jose Giants’ recently unveiled 25th anniversary mark. Your life will never be the same: 

And now for yet another logo, of sorts: The Reno Aces have continued their St. Patty’s day tradition, by releasing an Irish-themed limited edition t-shirt.

On St. Patty’s Day the team should drop the “Ren” from their name and simply go by the name “O’Aces.” Although, come to think of it, that might result in a lawsuit from the Gallagher bros.

Meanwhile, I’ve been spending a lot of my “down” time here at the office in the tedious but worthwhile task of compiling (via spreadsheet) 2012 promos of note. Some interesting stuff pops up sometimes, such as this offering from the Portland Sea Dogs:

April 15:  Tax Day/Headstone Giveaway

Sez the team: There are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes. Therefore the Sea Dogs have partnered with Jones, Rich, and Hutchins to giveaway a headstone to one fan.

I like it! We as a society need to spend more time contemplating (and therefore overcoming our fear of) the sheer inevitability of death. While a “Salute to Mortality” theme night is a long way off, the Sea Dogs are at least moving the conversation in the right direction.



Death-Inspired Promotion Takes On a Life of Its Own

coffin.jpgThe Lake County Captains may not be the first team team in Minor League history to stage a “Free Funeral Giveaway”, but they are the most recent. And in this “now”-obsessed culture in which we live, that counts for a lot.

The Captains first announced this outlandish (and somewhat macabre) promotion earlier this week, and have already generated a veritable coffin-load of publicity as a result. Perhaps most notably, the stunt inspired a local radio DJ to write a song about it.

The DJ in question was “Mike”, of WNCX’s morning show. With occasional help from his co-hosts Mud and Mihalik, Mike made his way through a ninety-second blues ditty that celebrated the Captains’ decision to give away a free funeral.

Thanks to the kindness of Captains Promotions Manager Jonathan Levey, I was able to hearcaptains.jpg an audio clip of this soon-to-be-immortal piece of work. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to imbed an audio link on this here blog, so I did the next best thing. Out of the kindness of my heart, I transcribed the lyrics for my loyal readers. Prepare to be amazed:

Let’s Hear It For the Captains, What More Can I Say?
These Guys Know How to Put the “Give” in “Giveaway”

But Now Bobbleheads and Tote Bags and T-Shirts Are Passe
So the Captains Have Got a Promo That’ll Put You In Your

They’re Giving Away a Funeral, They’re Giving the Casket,
And Without A Service Charge (Funeral Service Charge, Get
They Throw in A Limo Ride, Too, And the Crew
Oh, Those Clever Captains, This Giveaway Is Gonna Fly
Because All You Have to Do is Win it All, Then…DIE!

So C’Mon All You Deadheads – Be Joyful, Don’t Be Grave
C’Mon Out to Eastlake
Where the Zombies All Behave
We Ain’t Givin’ Away a Tomb or a Marble Creation Urn
Or Telling You Where You Might End Up — With Angel Wings,
Or If You’ll Burn

C’mon and See the Captains, Where the Excitement is Quite
You Can See the Game, Eat A Dog, And Go Home In A Casket

I hope you enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed typing it out on Microsoft Word, cutting and pasting it into the blog, and changing the text to italics.

If anyone out there in this magnificent land of ours is aware of any other songs in the “Radio DJs Singing About Minor League Promotions” genre then please get in touch immediately — milbbusiness@yahoo.com