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Ports Network With Sports Network

ports.gifSeptember 2009 may conjure images of flying cars, robot maids, and meals in capsule form — it does to me, at least — but that hasn’t stopped the Stockton Ports from announcing a big-time promotion that will occur during this yet-to-actually-happen era of American history.

September 7th, 2009 marks, to the day, the 30th anniversary of the launch of ESPN. The Ports will commemorate this epochal moment in cable broadcasting by staging a game-long anniversary celebration. From the press release:

“The night looks to promote ESPN’s rich history as the “worldwide leader
in sports” and their support of baseball. The event will feature
between-innings games and skits themed around popular ESPN shows and
personalities. Throughout the game fans can enjoy memorable sports
highlights and participate in ESPN trivia to win merchandise and

Kudos to the Ports for announcing this promotion so early. Now, no other Minor League team30.jpg will have the ability to usurp their glory by staging a competing “ESPN” promotion. As for what some of the between-innings games and skits could be…well, I’ll refrain from making any prognostications. Every I time I do that I turn out to be horribly wrong.

And, could it be possible that the Ports hope to gain some national coverage from this promotion? You, know, from ESPN itself? From the Ports’ perspective, ESPN may as well stand for “Extremely Shameless Promotion of a Network”.

There’s nothing wrong with that. As a wise man once (either Jesus, Horatio Alger, or Bo Diddly, can’t remember which): You’ve got to give a little to get a little.

Great Moments in Minor League History

vb2.gifYesterday was a momentous and historic day for Squeeze, the young mascot of the Florida State League’s Vero Beach Devil Rays. The anthropomorphic grapefruit made his national TV debut on ESPN’s Mike and Mike In the Morning radio show!

Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that a miniature facsimile of Squeeze made its national television debut. But that’s got to count for something, right?

Right? Who let all these crickets in the room?

Here’s what happened:

“The mascot’s bobblehead likeness was sent to the Mike and Mike show
by longtime Vero Beach stadium announcer Joe Sanchez. The Vero Beach
Devil Rays staff had long discussed the possibility of sending a
Squeeze bobblehead to the Mike and Mike show, but Sanchez made that dream a reality.”

See, its the determination and drive of people like Sanchez that makes America one of the top three dozen or so countries in the world (just kidding, of course…it’s the best). While his colleagues merely bantered about maybe one day sending a televised radio show a bobblehead mascot, Sanchez acted. And here is the result:


See that circle in the bottom right-hand corner? That’s the Squeeze bobblehead. Florida’s favorite citrus mascot has finally arrived, and its all thanks to the diligent work of Joe Sanchez. Squeeze agrees:

“It’s really an honor,” said Squeeze via telephone from his grapefruit
grove home. “I really appreciate the folks at Mike and Mike making the
effort to put my bobblehead doll on their desk to share with the world
during the TV broadcast of their radio show. This is a big day for me,
and I thank the people at Mike and Mike, as well as Joe Sanchez.”