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Hittin’ the Road II — The Road Hits Back

Last month’s trip out west was both thoroughly rewarding and exhausting in equal measure. The requisite period of NYC-based convalescence has since passed, and I am pleased as punch to announce 2011’s latest and therefore greatest on-location enterprise.

This Buckeye State-centric itinerary also includes a brief foray into Eastern Indiana, giving me a chance to visit teams that, through the years, have provided me with a wealth of material.This will mark the first time I’ve visited any of the following franchises:

June 13 — Toledo Mud Hens

June 14 — Fort Wayne Tincaps

June 15 — TBD (perhaps I can make an emotional pilgrimage to my Ravenna, OH birthplace)

June 16 — Lake County Captains

June 17 — Mahoning Valley Scrappers (New York-Penn League Opening Day)

June 18 — Akron Aeros

As usual, I’ll be a largely improvisational one-man operation, armed with little more than a Flip Cam, camera, laptop, and a dream. Your input remains very important to me, so please get in touch if recommendations related to the ballpark experience and surrounding areas. Sometimes the demands of the road are such that I can’t explore to the extent that I’d like, but kindly emails, blog comments, and Tweets have helped immensely on previous excursions.

Now usually comes the part of the post where I make a borderline nonsensical segue into a random array of pertinent news and notes. But I’ve got very little to share at the moment. Where are my informants? I need content!

In the absence of content, I am forced to create my own. So here are five Minor League promotions that I’d like to see:

Spibute to the Troonerism — Nine innings of tongue-tied malapropisms and tangled syntax in honor of  Reverend William Archibald Spooner and the verbal error named after him (Spoonerisms). A night of Rome Huns and Pild Witches highlighted by a spirited rendition of “Bake Me Out to the Tallgame.”

Howard the Duck Night — 25 years have passed since this all-time cinematic classic was released. Featuring outer space avian-themed player headshots, Quack Fu mascot battles, and “duck and cover” team logo blanket giveaway.

Weird Al-Pacolypse Night — A theme night in honor of the master parodist’s latest album (dropping June 21) as well as recent prognostications that the world is going to end.

Salute to Passed Balls — Simultaneously honoring catcher miscues and individuals with the last name of “Ball” who have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Give the Blogger Something to Write About Night — Because this is what you get otherwise.