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The Dawn of A New “K”

kcombo.jpgYesterday’s post and article on the Asheville Tourists’ new logo has received quite a bit of attention from the internet’s vast legion of logo aficionados. Thanks for that.

But the Tourists’ renderings of hobo sport-playing, rib-eating celestial bodies weren’t the only new marks to emerge from the Minors yesterday. Or even from North Carolina.

The Kinston Indians, who are celebrating a quarter century as a Cleveland affiliate, unveiled new logos of their own:


The logo seen above replaces this:


While much remains similar, the big difference here is that Kinston is no longer using a Chief Wahoo-style caricature as part of its identity. It had been the last team to do so in the Minors (the Spokane Indians developed their latest mark after consulting with the local Spokane tribe, while the Indianapolis Indians switched to an abstract, somewhat psychedelic design in 1995).

But despite this significant change, the K-Tribe’s new look is aesthetically similar to the old one. This is duly noted in the press release:

“The new, fresh look updates the classic K-Tribe style that our fans love,” said Assistant General Manager Janell Bullock. “We blended together current favorites and updated some great designs we already had. New look, same tradition!”

A Feather In Your Cap (home hat):


The away caps feature a red “K”:


And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: What the team’s uniforms look like when worn by eyeless virtual men.

At Home


On the Road:


Alternate Blues


The logos are the work of — you guessed it — Studio Simon. I can’t remember the last new Minor League logo that wasn’t designed by either Studio Simon or Plan B Branding. Those two have the game on lockdown.