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RiverDogs Rough the Ref

The NFL season began yesterday, so now represents as good a time as any in which to dip into my deep reservoir of blog topics in order to retrieve this:

The Charleston RiverDogs’ “Illegal Use of Your Ed Hochuli Night.”

This bizarrely-named evening of ref-mocking merriment was staged in honor of NFL game arbiter Ed Hochuli, who made several game-changing gaffes last season. He also has a penchant for working out and wearing form-fitting shirts:


 “Illegal Use of Your Ed Hochuli Night” took place on August 11. Here’s a look into how it went down.

Before the game, fans were invited onto the field in order to toss the football around (both regulation and foam balls were available for use):

Charleston -- Pregame Football Catch.JPG

An Ed Hochuli impersonator was on hand, throwing flags around the stands for nonexistent or illogical reasons (ie “Illegal Use of Being a Patriots Fan”):

Charleston -- Hochuli Flexing.JPG

Here, faux-Hochuli makes a call as part of a between-inning “Guess the Penalty” contest:

Charleston -- Hochuli Makes Clipping Call.JPG

Here are the choices the fans were given:

Charleston -- Penalty Choices.JPG

For the record, the answer was “D” (according to my sources, many fans went with “C”).

A multi-faceted “Sack the GM” contest also took place, featuring kicking, passing, punting, and tackling. In each category, GM Dave Echols found an underhanded way to defeat his opponent (local radio personality DJ Potter). In the tackling portion of the contest, which naturally included Sumo suits, Echols declined to participate and instead sent out assistant GM Jim Pfander. Here, Pfander tackles Potter:

Charleston -- Hochuli im tackles potter.JPG

Prompting faux-Hochuli to call a facemask penalty:

Charleston -- Hochuli calls penalty on jim.JPG
Upon further review, it was determined that neither competitor was even wearing a face mask…it was just that kind of night.

(Thanks to Ashley Stephenson for the info and pictures).

That will do it for me for the week. Thank you for reading, and let me conclude by reminding you to go see a Minor League playoff game this weekend if you have any opportunity to do so. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light….