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A Review of the Previewed

It’s Tuesday, which means that a new “Promo Preview” column is live and ready for your reading enjoyment over on MiLB.com.

I hope that folks are reading the column, and digging the new format. The amount of feedback I’ve gotten thus far has been humbling — and not in a “humblebrag” sort of way, just humbling. I haven’t heard a single word, good or bad, about it.

But on it shall go, and on this post shall go. You may recall that in the season’s first Promo Preview column I wrote about supercentenarian first pitch tosser Shelby Harris, who kicked off the River Bandits’ season with a ceremonial offering. After the ballgame, I received the following photo and recap from River Bandits’ director of promotions Shane Huff.

Not only did [Shelby] participate in a pregame interview on the field with our media relations manager, Marco LaNave, but he overhand threw the ceremonial first pitch in front of a standing ovation of 4,783! Shelby talked about his love of baseball and his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, in the interview, throwing in a comedic crack about the chilliness of the evening. He then followed that up with a very successful ceremonial first pitch. He stayed until the third inning – there we a combined 15 runs in a very lengthy second inning – and watched the game from a suite down the third base line.

Shelby, after delivering the pitch

[A]s the on-field emcee I introduced a lot of ceremonial first pitches last season, and none we as rousing and anticipated as tonight’s when Shelby took the mound. Between the media and the standing fans, it was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had since working in Minor League Baseball.

Another Home Opener of note occurred in Huntsville, as the Stars paid tribute to native son and distinguished baseball jack-of-all trades Don Mincher in a pre-game ceremony.

The Mincher family:

Oh, and stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but the Memphis Redbirds now have the largest scoreboard in all of Minor League Baseball.

And Rockey the Belly Bouncer is ready to welcome this 60×60 behemoth with open arms.

And, finally, here is the latest (and therefore greatest) addition to my slowly expanding roster of Ben’s Biz headshots. It was sent by a Florida-based operative, and comes with it’s own track listing (!)

  1. Rolling in Deep Left
  2. Southpaw Has It
  3. Turning Doubles
  4. Don’t You Remember that Rundown
  5. Set Fire to the Rain Tarp
  6. He Won’t Go Home
  7. Take It to the Alley
  8. I’ll Be Waiting in the Dugout
  9. One on Deck
  10. Late Inning LoveSong
  11. Someone Like Hak-Ju (Lee)

Keep ’em coming, folks. Keep ’em coming.



Here We Go Again, Again

Way back in 2010, when men were men, I approached my readers with a simple proposition:

Please create some head shots for me.

The motivation for this request was simple: as one who chronicles the weirdest and wackiest that the Minors have to offer, it seemed necessary to represent myself in a manner that corresponded to the topic matter. And who better to help with this task than those within (or interested in) the industry?

A few of the more memorable submissions, last time around: 

And, of course:


But times change, and I’m not sure that these images remain indicative of the Minor League Baseball blogging zeitgeist. So I need some new ones, and again I’m asking for YOUR help. Here are a few pictures to play with, taken within the darkest recesses of MiLB.com HQ.


I know that there are a lot of scoreboard graphic wizards out there, as well defacement aficionados and clip art enthusiasts. So, please, take a few minutes out of your day in order to doctor the above photos in any way you see fit. There’s no wrong way to go about this — my ultimate goal is simply to have a bunch of different pictures that I can use throughout the season, images that, in their own way, will help to illuminate the sphere in which I operate.

I’ll be collecting your submissions throughout the remainder of March, with a post highlighting the best (and worst) appearing sometime near Opening Day.

Thank you in advance for your support!

There’s more to come in this series of season-prep blog posts. But, for now, I’ll simply sign off with what I believe to be the greatest photo I’ve ever been involved with.

Knoebel’s Amusement Park, 2009:



Headed In A New Direction

headshot_snowglobewombacher.JPGA couple of weeks ago, I asked my vast cadre of loyal readers to assist me in a most important task — the creation of a new blog head shot.

The response to this request was robust, which I very much appreciate. Still, I have put off sharing the submissions because I am wary of seeming narcissistic. Usually, I hide this off-putting trait beneath a cloud of false modesty and groan-inducing wordplay.

But the moment for action is now. What follows are some of the new profile pics I now have at my disposal.

Boomer and Me — Spending some quality time with the Williamsport Crosscutters’ inimitable mascot:



All-Seeing Seer of the Scene


Flippin’ Out:


A Classic Updated for Modern Times


Fair Condition

The Worst Player in Yakima History


Mona Lisa Was A Man


Grating American Zero

Pasta My Prime




On My Way to the Barber Pole Factory


Attired Out




It Was Just A Phase


You Can Do What You Wanna Do…


I plan on using all of these headshots — and more — throughout the season. But, starting tomorrow, my identity will be this:


What can I say? To see my face juxtaposed onto a Weird Al album cover is a dream come true.

Thanks to Chris McConney of the Reading Phillies for the Weird Al shot, also big thanks to:

Sarah Budd, Williamsport Cross
cutters (shots 1-2), Danny Wild, MiLB photo guru (3-5), Lauren Wombacher, Yakima Bears (6-7 and snowglobe), Cameron Wengrzyn, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (8-13), Jake Goldman, Astoria Astroplaneteers (14), Allison Moore, Greensboro Grasshoppers (15), and Robert Peters (16).

Feel free to keep sending ’em and thanks again. I really appreciate it.


Hit Me with Your Head Shot

benbiz.png(note: please send head shots by February 18th, so that I may include them in a blog post the next day. And thanks to everyone who has sent something thus far).  

It’s Friday afternoon, and thoughts of snow and the Super Bowl are prevalent in the minds of the populace.

Not me, however. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Because now it is time to get proactive regarding one of my most pressing offseason goals: to update my blog profile picture. Much has changed since I put on a suit coat and no pants in order to pose for my fireworks-enhanced head shot, and I no longer feel that said photograph captures the essence of the Ben’s Biz Blog experience.

As usual, I need some help. I know that there are a lot of graphic design wizards who read this blog, the sort of people who regularly create weird and wacky scoreboard visuals. Well, please do me a favor and doctor any or all of the following photographs, anyway you see fit. My goal is to be able rotate head shots depending on my mood (thanks to photographic wizard Danny Wild for taking these pictures):

Ben no background.png   



Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, see what you can do with this:

Thank you in advance for your help with this extremely important matter. Please do not let me down.