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A Thoroughly Flawed Evening in Jamestown

Thumbnail image for bubba.jpgThis past Thursday, the Giants played the Patriots in a pre-season Super Bowl XLII rematch. Inspired by this gridiron pairing, the Jamestown Jammers staged “Salute to Imperfection Night” at beautiful Russell Diethrick Park.

I included this event in my final “Promotion Preview” column of the season, summing it up thusly:

“On this special evening, the club will pay tribute to the 2007 Patriots
and other “imperfect” teams (such as the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers
of 1976-77) in a variety of ways. Every fan wearing NFL gear receives
free admission, and mascot Bubba Grape will take part in a re-enactment
of Eli Manning’s famous completion to David Tyree. Also taking place
will be a “wide right” contest, in which fans will attempt to miss
field goals in a fashion similar to the Bills’ Scott Norwood in Super
Bowl XXV.”

I am happy to report that I have received a most amusing recap of the evening from Jammers director of baseball operations Scott Eddy, who breaks it all down in a succinct, point-by-point fashion:

“There was absolutely nothing perfect about this night at Diethrick Park in
Jamestown as A) The home team was down 6-0 after two innings and as much as 15-0
at one point before finally losing 15-2 to Auburn.”


B) There was rainfall for much of the evening

C) Our regular on-field host, an avid Bills fan, refused to
announce the “Wide Right” re-creation. Taking his place, I was
heckled quite heartily by many of the Bills fans in attendance. Brought back
bad memories, I suppose. Our contestant did Scott Norwood
proud- imperfectly wide right and he walked away with a prize.


D) The picture isn’t very clear, but although Auburn
took home a 15-2 victory, things weren’t quite perfect for them, either. Their
bus, parked alongside the stadium, was drilled with a foul ball, smashing one
of its windows.”


So there you have it, folks. The Jammers really couldn’t have asked for a more imperfect evening. Which begs the question: If one attains their stated goal of imperfection, is this, in itself, a form of perfection?

I, for one, am going to spend the remainder of my day pondering this deep philosophical query.