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Making Something Out of Nothing

Those with memories exceeding that of a pigeon will recall that two weeks ago the Peoria Chiefs generated a firestorm of national media attention with their “LeBron James Replica Championship Ring Giveaway.”

The joke, of course, was that fans would receive nothing at all.

But giving away “Nothing” is harder than it looks, an endeavor that opens a jumbo-sized philosophical can of worms. The Chiefs dealt with the issue by setting up a display on the concourse and asking fans to imagine what could have been.

Following three photos: Dennis Sievers, Peoria Chiefs

As you can imagine, such a detailed promotion requires the full teamwork of the entire staff. Congrats, guys, for making something out of nothing.

The Chiefs’ promo (chronicled HERE by a local news station) was the harshest attack on LBJ since the 1964 presidential campaign, so let us now lighten the mood and let love in.

On June 17, the Richmond Flying Squirrels took the now familiar “Diamond Dig” promotion to the next level. Director of community relations and promotions Christina Shisler writes:

We hid four rings, three single-knot 14 karat white, yellow and rose gold promise rings showcasing two petite diamonds each, retailing at $451….And then our big prize was a petite estate diamond ring – half a carat, in a beautiful 18 karat yellow gold setting, retailing at $1,895!

 The Diamond Ring was the third one found and when the lady found it, her then boyfriend (and a minute later fiancé!) ran onto the field, got down on one knee and proposed right there on the spot that she found the ring in the dirt.

This is the most adorable in-stadium proposal since Broccoli got down on one knee in Reading last season.

And speaking of Reading, earlier this month thousands of fans arrived at the ballpark early…

in order to receive this:

But the splendor of the Cole Hamels Garden Gnome pales in comparison to the R-Phils’ latest dessert offering:

Very few things are as quintessentially American as eating 24 scoops of Sour Patch Kids-bedecked ice cream out of a full-size batting helmet at a Minor League Baseball game.  Except, you know, actually becoming an American at a Minor League Baseball game. I covered the Toledo Mud Hens’ Naturalization Ceremony on my most recent road trip, and was quickly reminded that the Hens aren’t the only team that have staged such an event.

The Memphis Redbirds hosted a Naturalization Ceremony last July 4th, and are planning on doing so this year as well.

May your children, and your children’s children, enjoy a life of miniature garden gnomes, buried diamonds within diamonds, and satirical celebrations of professional basketball failure.



LeBron LeMania in LeLake LeCounty

Lake County_LeBron_Jersey Script.jpgYesterday the Oklahoma RedHawks generated a fair amount of publicity for themselves by offering an incentive-laden contract to superstar NBA free agent LeBron James. 

While I commend the RedHawks for their “Carpe Diem” promotional spirit, there’s a big difference between issuing a comedic press release and, you know, actually staging a comprehensive game-long LeBron James promotion. 
In order to find a team engaged in such an endeavor, one would have had to travel to the Cleveland suburb of Eastlake, OH. The Lake County Captains staged “Please Stay LeBron Night” on Thursday, within the cozy confines of “LeClassic” Park. 
On this special evening of celebrity-wooing civic boosterism, the team changed their name to the “LeLake LeCounty LeCaptains.” This crucial modification was reflected in the jerseys worn by the players (see above), and also on the videoboard: 
Lake County_LeBron_headshot.jpg
Players, mascots, and on-field host Grover all were introduced in a manner befitting King James himself. Break out the talcum powder!
Lake County_Lebron_Powder1.jpg 
Lake County_Lebron_Powder2.jpg
Lake County_Lebron_Powder3.jpg
Let’s go to the video!
Let’s go to another video! 
In honor of LeBron’s uniform number, fans got into the game for just $6 (a much better deal than $23). They were encouraged to bring “Please Stay LeBron” posters from that day’s edition of the local News-Herald, and to wave them vociferously throughout the evening.

Also, for reasons that I do not and will never know, Waldo was in attendance. Waldo wants LeBron to stay in Cleveland: 
Lake County_Lebron_Please Stay Signs.jpg
And, of course, the evening’s between-inning promotions were centered around the theme. Here, LeSkipper judges a slam dunk contest between LeSkippy and young LeDaniel:
So kudos to the LeCaptains for staging a creative evening of timely entertainment, and, more importantly, for providing me with some excellent material on the cusp of a holiday weekend.
Who’s next?

A Zoso Night At the Ballpark

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Whitecaps Primary.JPGThis past Thursday was “Led Zeppelin Night” in West Michigan, as the rock n’ roll loving Whitecaps paid tribute to one of the genre’s all-time heaviest hitters.

I just studied Led Zeppelin’s entire discography and yet the only other potential headline I could come up with for this post was “Whole Lotta Glove”. So with wordplay opportunities already exhausted there’s nothing left to do but get to the point.

And the point is that on this special evening the team took the field in Zeppelin-themed jerseys.



West Michigan -- Zeppelin2.JPG 

Tea For One:

West Michigan -- Zeppelin3.JPG

Led Zeppelin IV:

West Michigan -- Zeppelin4.JPG

Hats Off…

West Michigan -- Zeppelin Anthem.JPG

The Song Remains the Same:

West Michigan -- Zeppelin Anthem2.JPG

The game featured “Good Times Bad Times”, but ultimately the Whitecaps avoided a “Heartbreaker” and emerged triumphant in an 11-inning nailbiter. The highlights:

For those scoring at home, this marks the second time in as many seasons that the Whitecaps have enjoyed a walk-off victory on a rock and roll theme jersey night. In 2009, Pink Floyd was the honored group:

white caps pink floyd.JPG 

I am used to my Minor League jersey suggestions being “uniformly” ignored, but I’d still like to mention that Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, and Creedence Clearwater Revival would all be excellent candidates for a similar such promotion. And don’t even get me started on Weird Al.

Finally, the Lake County Captains are one of two Cleveland-area teams staging a “Please Stay Lebron” Night on July 1. I’ll certainly be providing more info on this in the near future, but among other things the team will be changing its name to “LeLake LeCounty LeCaptains.”


Hopefully the evening will include plenty of James Gang played over the PA.